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Showing posts from June, 2004
News 23 had a party leader debate about next election. I thought thing when I watched it on TV. I thought Premier Koizumi was acting smartly man when I watched it on TV. He never started talking from him. His talking was made by the other leaders.

there talking was no matter for me because I'm only student............
I am searching document of BloGTK client. I couldn't search that document at the original site.
I'm trying to use Blogger Client. This program is written by GTK+.

Today, I'll write my thinking.......

I wrote this is my thinking, it's not true. Well.....However, just now I real think this thing.
My change will make your change. And, your change will make my change.
So we need one more step. Let's go to future. Now I can see my way.It's not better way everywhen to keep own way. However that is important thing. And Everywhen I believe my hunch. I believe there was better way for me. And because of I can be now's me, I had that memories.
I think. If this blogger to be read by that person, however that person may not be able to understand what do I want to writ about.
At last, this is the most important thing. I want to say to the person "Thank you. and the immortal person,......"

P.S:I want to ask to other the person "This is OK.....?"