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Showing posts from June, 2004
News 23 had a party leader debate about next election. I thought thing when I watched it on TV. I thought Premier Koizumi was acting smartly man when I watched it on TV. He never started talking from him. His talking was made by the other leaders.

there talking was no matter for me because I'm only student............

Today, I'll write my thinking.......

I wrote this is my thinking, it's not true. Well.....However, just now I real think this thing.
My change will make your change. And, your change will make my change.
So we need one more step. Let's go to future. Now I can see my way.It's not better way everywhen to keep own way. However that is important thing. And Everywhen I believe my hunch. I believe there was better way for me. And because of I can be now's me, I had that memories.
I think. If this blogger to be read by that person, however that person may not be able to understand what do I want to writ about.
At last, this is the most important thing. I want to say to the person "Thank you. and the immortal person,......"

P.S:I want to ask to other the person "This is OK.....?"