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My felling

This is just my feeling.......I think something was changed in the person. But I don't know about it. did that make it myself or........oneself.......I don't know that is good or not.....However, I propose I'll not change about it......Because this is promise.

I back now

Today, I went to Korinbo. I met with Aka and Stefan.
I could know about it that many person have morry that is large or smoll, I think my problem is not large one. If I have more large power.... I think so some time.
OK, I have to go bed, so Stefan and Saber made promise to meet tomorrow(today) at 9 a.m, too. So we need to go out at 8a.m.

What is your important....?

Do you have some kind of your important? I think all of person have some kind of important. One person will say that is GF ,wife , children or others. I have, too. Mine is to share fine time with my best friend. May be I think friends who I can call so are important same as GF or more.... And, I know just the friend understand all of me.
On other meaning, I wont to be understood real me from my boss who I can call so. And, i have to do so.... ^^;;;

My friend

One of my frined on the Internet came to japan from Korea. We wonted to meet each other. But, the lecture was braking our meeting. The friend may be go to USJ and others place. And now, hte friend is Sydney. When I say I wont to go with the friend. The the friend say "Let's go with me.". (My passort was dead...^^;;;;) But I had lecture, I need there.....

I wont to hear about the friend's tallking that is the friend's trip stoly.


I have best friend. She will be my partner on work. However, now, I cannot look about it and I don't know how to come the days. I don't know that my thinking is just my wishing or my anything one kind of power. So....I have to try to go to that future. And I'll get it. So, that is my way.
It is necessary getting it, I have to recover from that hell......And I will do so. I had a lot of time sice that thing. And I'm not professional on the way.


My favorite is Japanese Tea. I was taught by my friend when I was Osaka-city. It is very good smell. First to drink is grapefruit tea. My room smell is chainged same as grapefruit.I think there are one kind of aromatherapy.