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Showing posts from June, 2005

Working at this beginning of week

* Not yet to compile it...
Main theme......Implement with java
* Thinking about how to designing it. And where are the most important parts.
Reading.....Modern OS (Japanese version)

Machine moving

My room at dormitory had the strongest machine. But, it is few case to use it because I spend a lot of time at Lab. So, I decide to move the machine environment.
At first, I brought machine from my room to my desk. The machine got backup to other machine. The machine has formated.
2nd, my desk's machine got backup to others. The machine has formated. And the machine will be installed Windows and Linux(Maybe it is dual boot machine)
Now, my room has no machine. It is not good for my life and my health. And this thing made quiet room....

Ohooo, I should go now, rest will next time. If i can remember.