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Showing posts from December, 2005

My plan

When my entrance exam will be finished.
At first, I will make Blogger clients.

And, to make file server.
My HDD is full now.
So, I bought new machine for HDD server.
I feel happy if my program auto categorize there data.
Like as file manager.


Tomorrow, I have entrance exam.
Actuary, i feel tired. I cannot more think very well.

Today, I got one call from unknow person at skype.
At first, I thought it is from my friend from poland.
But, it was different person.
But, she also from poland and same name as my friend.

And, join talking with them.
When the time, I thought they can understand my english.
My english began to good????
Actuary, I thought i cannot speak english but just listener can understand my words.
of course, I know it is right.
But, sometime others person can understand if it is just common talking.

I take bit a nap.
After that I will continue to make slide.
Nemui desu <- this is Japanese.