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It is heavy snow......
The snow steal handle much time when I went back to my house from school.

It began to snow when I went to school. Just 4 hours later, the view was changed it is just white world. Suddenly it was changed. We can see a lot of traffic announce because of accidents. It was the first day for snowing. I think many of car was already changed tire to stUdless. And also mine. But It was not enough for such a heavy snowing. ^^;;;;;

Design miss

Today, I fined my design miss on graph class........
I think this class work for graph but it can not be used with my others class.......

This class was not considered about I/O with others area.......

Memo :Graph (Part 1)

This is just memo for Graph before implementing.
This is 1st idea for implementing Graph.
This version has no idea for checking intersection.
Just Data structure......

ID : Integer(Long.......actuary)
WaitingList : ArrayList




This 2-3 days, I could not use gas. It was gas maintenance day when I found that I can not use it.
This morning I called office about it. 30 minutes later, the officer was coming. And He said he forgot to open the plug when he maintenance it.......

Today, I tried to write code for the graph for request management. But it mad too much other problems. After this writing, I will write one more time from before this changing. Hmmmmm............

Today, I start to study english from podcast. The name of that channel is (
I taught to listen is not so difficult.......I need to study for writing, reading and culture difference between english(?) and Japanese. This difference make my difficult to understand english. In addition, I think like as this lecture stile english studying are very boring like as college lectures. ^^;;;;;;

GMail Drive

Usualy I use OSX and linux. But just a machine what is in my room is Windows machine. Some weeks ago, I wrote gDisk for OSX. It is just for OSX. So I found any software like gDisk for Windows. So, i found GMail Drive. gDisk is just a software this meaning is when we make waking up it we can use gDisk like as remote drive. But we can use it like as local drive. We can see it like as local drive on the exproler. The name of this drive is GMail Drive on the exproler.
But this apprication(Drive) has one problem. That is I used gDisk from OSX machine. But no data can be found from GMail Drive..... GDisk uses the area what has before sending mail. But maybe this Gmail Drive uses others area or different system. I use it not so much time. So I have no idea what this software can be uploading with big data. gDisk can not upload over than 10 files at same time.

Sorry, but i didn't use speling check. I think this my writing maybe has too much strange speling and mening...... But I have to…

sent off

One of my good friends went to back to his country. I sent off him to station.
Usually, sad comes with time lag same as today......
After his bus went out from station it was coming. And it brings snivel and tear. So I walked 2 station with them. From now it never goes out.....
I don't like to say "Good bye." Because the sound is bye for ever when we use it. So it is better to use same as usually for me.

This one and half year, I could study too much thing from him. Actually I wanted to be with him much more time.
And we went to Onsen much time. So after today I will have Onsen problem. For me, this problem is difficult much more than to write program code. To go to onsen just with me is not so fun.

I hope we can meet again at some day not so far.

gDisk 0.6.1

Today, I try to use new gDisk version 0.6.1. Before version, I cannot see what files are on the server side. But current version I could do it. I think it is better than before version and it began to useful for backup software. But it has one problem.... When I uploaded more than 10 files at same time, it was clash down. I try to do it at 2-3 times but result was same..... I think it is one of the bag or the documents said about it (Actuary I read no document about it for this version)


I thought my Fedora machine is so slow when I want to use it for testing anything.
I checked my machine using top command.
Then...........load average:

I haven't see such a big system load.
So I check process in the top out put.
I think gam_server has strange working.
I search about it from google.
Many of people also said about it.
And this process make more other problems, too.

Some one said he could not umount memory stick.(gam_server locked it)
Some one also said gam_server use CPU 100%.

Some one said he remove it from his system.
But no one said it is safty or not..........


In japan, we had holiday when the last Friday.
Many of undergraduate students make many party at there school.
Also my before university.

But it is not holiday for me.
Sure I have to work more.....
but it was difficult now.......

stiff neck hurt my life......
All of my muscle began to hard.
So this kind of strong season changing make difficult to life at ishikawa-ken.
It make break my current life.

I will massage me by myself before to go to bed.
(Actuary I didn't get out from bed today. ^^;;;;)
I will be walking at tomorrow.
And reset there.


Our lab has 2 subnet for the networking. One is Line-1 and another one is Line-2.

Today, we got trouble for printers. There printers are connected with Tcp/Ip. They are in the Line-1 networks.
One of the person who uses Line-2 address asked me the printer trouble what she cannot use it.
So, I checked it.

1. The network is working when that time. Sure I could shout ping to firewall and
2. All of Line-2 side machines could not use printer (shout printing queue and ping to printer address) but could use the networks.
3. From Line-1 machine we could use there printers.
4. Some time the printers response just a time when we shut ping.
5. Actuary, there printers could not access from others subnet.

IS Center sent mail me.
That problem is happened by networking router. Some time that router block some of mac address. For just this case it happened on just printers. but some time it will happened on other PCs. They are fined some solutions for this problem.


These days, I can hear "Kachikachikachi....." from lap top.
Is this HDD? DVDD?
I should make back up much more time.....


I used gDisk what we can use gmail like as data server.
Now, I begin to use it for backup my projects.
It is nice idea but current vearsion is not stabled.
In the feuture, it will be so good software.

volunteer computing
I found this site. This is one kind of volanteer computing for helping reserch for cancer.
This is bit interesting.
If I will be able to make some playing time then I will try to use it.


The simple simulation was work now.
This 2 days, I fought with last bag. That was coming from Simulation Time. I used Normal distribute. But that method can output with in negative numbers. When that time, times were already over.....
When I could fined message method this problem could fined.

When I do not want to use negative number.
RealDistNormal a = new RealDistNormal(........);


I ate cheese what name is Schabziger.

That was salty and smell like as herb.
I think it is good for cooking cheese with sea foods or meats(beef, ram....)
And, some time in the bread(?)







I'm in Osaka, now.
It is so hot.

Yesterday, we turned on the air con before sunset.
But, maybe it was over than 37 degree on the veranda at that time.
So, it could not work enough power.
When my mother wet down out side parts of the air con then she got burned smell....
After that it make cold air.

I think to keep working before sunset from last night will make damage for air con.
So, I turned off it. is like as hell......
I cannot thinking any sweat is looks like water follow but i am just sitting down on chair and typing a keyboard.
Coming wind is so hot.

10 minutes ago, I wet down the ground of out side but it is not working......
At the summer , I shikawa-ken is like as heaven......

I thought I write code also Osaka.
But it is possible at after sunset....
Maybe, I lose tolerance for this hot.
In my plan, I will back to there at this week end.
I want to escape early from this hell.
And I have to work hard....


Today, I started to design about simulation what has just 1 Robot.

But,I forgot any workings.
1. I have to change a message stile.
Current version: Message has just one Zone Object. When the stat is changed by VW then it will send 2 message. One is stop and another is Start. But I can combine them. Because start have to be called after stop is called. I have no idea that how many times do I need for this changing. I wont to do about it less than 3 hour.

2. I have to make slide for sumer camp.
I will make presentation at next camp. So, I have to make it from 0. Sure, I already have alder one. But, they say few important thing.

Maybe.....My ToDo List has much more work.
But, I cannot fined now.
I will fined them after waking up.
Good night.


I try to use a simulator.
But many of documents for it is just in Germany. ToT
To read Germany is so difficult.
I studyed it just 2 years.......I didnt study hard.......ToT
Sure, when I write any documents I also will do just in japanese....
No way......

And I can access from just inside academic.
I have to make VPN.....

This week

I used many times for Network at this and last weeks.
In there work I make many opinionaire for network environments I got too much exceptional answer.
....... ToT


Broadcast system has the function what is register and unregister.
My system already has register function.
Also unregister, but it unregister function is just be it. This meaning is no class or method call it.

When I want to use nuregister method I need to make keyListener for finalize.
Example, when I want to kill my process I will push any key like as Control+C.
When the implementing this thing we will know one problem what is who have to own this method.
No one can push any key at the just time when just one method is called.
Some of web site have any information about it.
But, there information is finished inside just 1 or 2 class.
I think there case is just few lear case.


I think my code can be worked!!!
Actuary, I felt scare that if my code cannot work from today....

This program work correct.
But, sometime it made any strange work........

synchronize?? Memory full?? ......??????
I have to check more for it


When we want to use Rectangle2D.Double with RMI we will need Serializable Rectangle2D.Double.
Rectangle2D is serialized by sun. <------- java.awt.Rectangle
But java.awt.Rectangle is supported just for Integer Version.

So, I made SerializableRectangle2D like as following code.

public class SerializableRectangle2D
extends Rectangle2D.Double
implements Serializable
public SerializableRectangle2D()

public SerializableRectangle2D(double x, double y, double w, double h)
super(x, y, w, h);

However the getting value is just 0 when I use rmi and get message.
But, no documents was google in japanse.... I lose 3 days.......
Some of web site said i cannot do it using easy way....
And some of site said java 1.6 will be able to be suported it.
This will be able to use serialized Rectangle2D.Double.......

Actuary........I have no way how to make solution for this problem......

Memo: java.awt.geom

When I want to check intersect between 2 square, I use java.awt.geom.

Rectangle2D r1 = new Rectangle2D.Double(x, y, width, height);
Rectangle2D r2 = new Rectangle2D.Double(x, y, width, height);

Rectangle2D diff = r1.createIntersection(r2);

But, when between r2 and r1 has no intersect then this class make strange shape.....
I will check why this class out put like as this.


Today, I taught my codeing for new class.
However, after my writing there java bumped more than 50 error.
And there are not my new writing area. ToT


When I get to my room I have to separate intercept checking function from request manager.
Then I will be able to unionize intercept checker.


I changed VW from ArrayList to HashMap then the code began to more simple.
And, using java 5.0 made also code simple.

But, 5.0 make more difficult to understand than before version or others language like as C.

Memo: null checking for String data

When I write following thing Java compiler out put errer.

String s;


if(s == null)
String s;


if(s.compareTo(null) == 0)

But, actuary I have to do following thing.
String s = null;


if(s == null)

Memo: Field Serialies

When I want to passing message (Server to Client or Just out put field to File) I have to serialize there field.

1st. import from
2nd. implement "Serializable" to all of message Field class.
I can accede just serialized field and just basic field (int, double, float, etc....)

But, this is not all.
I have to do more.....maybe....

My Eye...

Inside of my right eyelid had follicle mite....Since last friday.....
That follicle mite touch my eye.....
This thing made stress to my eye....
The stress for my eye break my health

When i waked up at this morning, this follicle mite was broken.
From that broken place to my following eyelid, it made brad pillar.....
This pillar also push my eye.
And, break my sleeping at earlier morning. ToT
This 3 days, I had more few sleeping than the usual.

When I got phone call from my mom I talked about it to her.
She said I have few vitamin C.
1 week ago, my sister also had follicle mite on her eyelid....

But, after break it, i feel good.
Before waking up at this morning, I had strong headache and also strong stiff neck.
So, I will restart to write code.

When I change code from String to Segment.
Sender program dumped exception.
Using class is RMI.
Exception is :

At first, I have to fined why I cannot send messages from sender …


Today, I could remove the bug that was found at yesterday.
One class check just program state.
And it has 2 method, one is turn on and another is turn off.
2 of there calling was different side........
So, Data submitter cannot fined about before job was already finished.

Today, I will start to study about RMI.
Actuary, it was already started....
But, just reading a book.

If I can write code more smartly ^^;;;;;;;


Today, I fined new bag....
I could not see it when I run it with 30 robots and 20 segment.

This thing is made by XCode.
Today, I try to use Debuger on XCode.
This is first experience.
But,I got feeling about that moving was bit strange........
And, I could find from what is problem.
I am finding how to repair it.

That problem is in Checking between request queue and moving list.
For new submitting is no problem.
But, when the request is putted in to request queue, that checking process has any problems......
Maybe......I have to repair it to Open Campus...........
I have no time to combine with ABC............
Maybe that process will make more problems......


I thought my condition was not bad when i waked up.
But, when I typed keyboard I felt tired.
I thought it is just my feeling.
Then I went to my desk at school for changing feeling.
But, feel tired is also feel tired.
Code began to bad.......

When I sleeping on desk, one of friends calling me.
He told me one tool.

Now, I dont want read anything.
So, i didnt read about it.
But, he said this tool encrypt file system.

I dont want to write more........


Finally, i got down.....
I slept all of this tow days.
In this 2 days i got over than 40 degrees.....

Now, i can sit down.
Actuary, I feel dizzy........


Now, I feel so cold......
My view is shaken by anything.......
What happened for me........

..............What do i want to wait............?
Today, I read english textbook. made my shaking.......(^_^;;;;;;;)
Just joke.

I will keep this room hot.

My Project

When I run my code on laptop this code could not finished in 2 hours.
Today, I changed machine to desktop from laptop.
Then my code was finished less than 10 minutes.
Sure, when i run it on desktop I was killing standard out put.

This thing make my knowing some of my code bugs,
Now, i put assert in my code.
This thing will tell me where is wrong......
Maybe, I think finalized parts has bit strange.....I think I need to change there parts.

Optical Network

I want to use high speed network at also my home. One of the solutions is using optical network.
I apply it to NTT at April.... However......I now can not use it.......ToT
They were calling me about it at this morning. They said I have to wait more than 2 weeks. When I asked him why they need so much time then he was laughing.

When the older days, NTT was government. So, they are continuing there feeling. So there workings are same as government office counter. But, this is the first experience and listening that some of agent make client waiting more than 2 month.....

After getting his phone call, I feel so tired...

When we call to internet provider, connecting them is difficult. because there phone is not enough. But After our contacting them there working is so quickly. I wish I can use just internet Provider without NTT...... This is not good system and law....

Memo ArrayList

When I want to Add some integer to ArrayList.

ArrayList ar = new ArrayList();

Integer it;
for(int i=0; i<20; i++)
it = new Integer(i);


Today, I was coding in my room. Harf of them are my study.....
I am using eclipse for java coding.... But, it is down easy. I got the down more than 10 time at this 6-7 hours...... I coding stile is so bad for eclipse...... 
Well, I drank tea more than 6.5L...... In my body has just water....

I kept new room. But, it has something problems. So, I have to fined one more time at tomorrow.....

UN! This is strange English.....
This Dashboard tool is very nice. So, I want just use it. ^^;;;;

Blogger Editer

Above URL is Blogger Editor for Mac OSX. I can publish my diary without login from Web browser. Like as this one. Before time, I tried a tool that is using mail. But, every time I thought that I can publish it at whenever and everywhere....Finally, I didn't do it.


Tomorrow, I will go to Driving center for renew my license. That center is so far location from my room..... ToT And I want to meet with doctor for teeth...I dont know why my teeth is pain.....
And, I have to search my new room.

How do you need to do for your driving license, when your one needs to be renew?


Our mate's graduation presentation was finished.
And Lecture was finished.

My code begin to big.
So, I should back up there.
Now, I try to use unison one more.
Now, I consider to use cvs ot not.