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Memo: java.awt.geom

When I want to check intersect between 2 square, I use java.awt.geom.

Rectangle2D r1 = new Rectangle2D.Double(x, y, width, height);
Rectangle2D r2 = new Rectangle2D.Double(x, y, width, height);

Rectangle2D diff = r1.createIntersection(r2);

But, when between r2 and r1 has no intersect then this class make strange shape.....
I will check why this class out put like as this.


Today, I taught my codeing for new class.
However, after my writing there java bumped more than 50 error.
And there are not my new writing area. ToT


When I get to my room I have to separate intercept checking function from request manager.
Then I will be able to unionize intercept checker.


I changed VW from ArrayList to HashMap then the code began to more simple.
And, using java 5.0 made also code simple.

But, 5.0 make more difficult to understand than before version or others language like as C.

Memo: null checking for String data

When I write following thing Java compiler out put errer.

String s;


if(s == null)
String s;


if(s.compareTo(null) == 0)

But, actuary I have to do following thing.
String s = null;


if(s == null)

Memo: Field Serialies

When I want to passing message (Server to Client or Just out put field to File) I have to serialize there field.

1st. import from
2nd. implement "Serializable" to all of message Field class.
I can accede just serialized field and just basic field (int, double, float, etc....)

But, this is not all.
I have to do more.....maybe....

My Eye...

Inside of my right eyelid had follicle mite....Since last friday.....
That follicle mite touch my eye.....
This thing made stress to my eye....
The stress for my eye break my health

When i waked up at this morning, this follicle mite was broken.
From that broken place to my following eyelid, it made brad pillar.....
This pillar also push my eye.
And, break my sleeping at earlier morning. ToT
This 3 days, I had more few sleeping than the usual.

When I got phone call from my mom I talked about it to her.
She said I have few vitamin C.
1 week ago, my sister also had follicle mite on her eyelid....

But, after break it, i feel good.
Before waking up at this morning, I had strong headache and also strong stiff neck.
So, I will restart to write code.

When I change code from String to Segment.
Sender program dumped exception.
Using class is RMI.
Exception is :

At first, I have to fined why I cannot send messages from sender …


Today, I could remove the bug that was found at yesterday.
One class check just program state.
And it has 2 method, one is turn on and another is turn off.
2 of there calling was different side........
So, Data submitter cannot fined about before job was already finished.

Today, I will start to study about RMI.
Actuary, it was already started....
But, just reading a book.

If I can write code more smartly ^^;;;;;;;