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The simple simulation was work now.
This 2 days, I fought with last bag. That was coming from Simulation Time. I used Normal distribute. But that method can output with in negative numbers. When that time, times were already over.....
When I could fined message method this problem could fined.

When I do not want to use negative number.
RealDistNormal a = new RealDistNormal(........);


I ate cheese what name is Schabziger.

That was salty and smell like as herb.
I think it is good for cooking cheese with sea foods or meats(beef, ram....)
And, some time in the bread(?)







I'm in Osaka, now.
It is so hot.

Yesterday, we turned on the air con before sunset.
But, maybe it was over than 37 degree on the veranda at that time.
So, it could not work enough power.
When my mother wet down out side parts of the air con then she got burned smell....
After that it make cold air.

I think to keep working before sunset from last night will make damage for air con.
So, I turned off it. is like as hell......
I cannot thinking any sweat is looks like water follow but i am just sitting down on chair and typing a keyboard.
Coming wind is so hot.

10 minutes ago, I wet down the ground of out side but it is not working......
At the summer , I shikawa-ken is like as heaven......

I thought I write code also Osaka.
But it is possible at after sunset....
Maybe, I lose tolerance for this hot.
In my plan, I will back to there at this week end.
I want to escape early from this hell.
And I have to work hard....


Today, I started to design about simulation what has just 1 Robot.

But,I forgot any workings.
1. I have to change a message stile.
Current version: Message has just one Zone Object. When the stat is changed by VW then it will send 2 message. One is stop and another is Start. But I can combine them. Because start have to be called after stop is called. I have no idea that how many times do I need for this changing. I wont to do about it less than 3 hour.

2. I have to make slide for sumer camp.
I will make presentation at next camp. So, I have to make it from 0. Sure, I already have alder one. But, they say few important thing.

Maybe.....My ToDo List has much more work.
But, I cannot fined now.
I will fined them after waking up.
Good night.


I try to use a simulator.
But many of documents for it is just in Germany. ToT
To read Germany is so difficult.
I studyed it just 2 years.......I didnt study hard.......ToT
Sure, when I write any documents I also will do just in japanese....
No way......

And I can access from just inside academic.
I have to make VPN.....