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Since last April, cvs at my laptop was not working.
I got error message when I run the cvs.
The error message was...

cvs [checkout aborted]: cannot exec /usr/bin/ssh : No such file or directory
cvs [checkout aborted]: received broken pipe signal

Some of site said.... it is one of the cvs bug.
So I thought so.

However, today, I could fined that was wrong for my case.
The problem was environment variables named CVS_RSH.

Actually I don't want to say where was wrong because the problem was......
I feel shy.....

The environment variables had 2bit characters.....

If you got error as above then you should check 2 thing.
1. the ssh path is right?
2. the variables has no strange characters?

No cvs life was sad......

GCC for Pocket PC

I bought Pocket PC at yesterday.

Some of friends install CoLinux to PocketPC. However, dual boot machines are not useful. Actually, the Pocket PC is PHS. So, If I install CoLinux to my PHS then I cannot use phone when I am booting Linux. Usually, I use cygwin on my windows pc. So, I find cygwin for PocketPC. When that time, I found gcc for Pocket PC.
The name is CeGCC.

I haven't used it yet.
We can cross compile on my PC. If I have some free time then I will try it.