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[player/stage: javaclient2] sample

This 2 days, I could not understand about the player/stage. javaclient2 is one of the client tool for player.

Official site (player/stage)

Official page(javaclient2 for player/stgage)

The following url is community for javaclient2 for player/stage.

I try to write sample program same behavior as

import javaclient2.*;
import javaclient2.structures.PlayerConstants;
import javaclient2.structures.laser.*;

public class TestClassBasic
private String hName = "localhost";
private int port = 6664;
private double lLimit = 2;

public TestClassBasic()
PlayerClient robot = new PlayerClient(hName, port);
Position2DInterface p2d = robot.requestInterfacePosition2D(1, PlayerConstants.PLAYER_OPEN_MODE);

LaserInterface laser = rob…

[memo] player/stage: how to compile my robot code

This is memo for myself.
memo ver. 0.0.1

Player/stage is one of the robot simulater.
I use on Ubuntu Linux 7.10

CPU : Xeon

Official page

command name
on document------>on ubuntu
player ------>robot-player

compile my code
$ g++-3.4 -I/usr/include/player-2.0/ -L/usr/lib/ -lplayercore -lplayerc++ -o laserobstacleavoid

I thought 64bit proessor has some problems for compile it when I used it at first time.
However it has no problem.
My work was as monkey.