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Android + Softbank mobile :: SMS and MMS

I'm using Nexus one.
I think you already know about nexus one. Nexus one is one of the android mobile phone developed by Google and HTC. It is not possible to buy nexus one in japan.

I already wrote about japanese 3G signal. Japan has 3 big different phone company. NTT DoCoMo, Softbank mobile (vodaphone), and AU KDDI. DoCoMo and Softbank mobile are using W-CDMA and AU is using CDMA-2000. Many people think that W-CDMA is similar with CDMA-2000. But, it is extension on the GSM. The W-CDMA is little bit different from GSM especially for MMS. The specification of MMS on W-CDMA had little bit different bit from GSM. Android phone cannot access to MMS server by default. So, we needed to compile the android kernel for receiving the MMS on Softbank mobile. Actually, I didn't re-compile the kernel on my phone. Because, it is mobile phone. To re-compiling the kernel for mobile phone has many risks for security and my economy. By such reason, I didn't use MMS on my phone.

2-3 weeks a…

Pocket WiFi + Nexus One

Last a month, I used PocketWiFi with B-Mobile SIM + Google Nexus One with Softbank mobile SIM.

I used this combination for a month because the softbank mobile had problem for 3G data communication due to the wrong parameter written by staff. The communication speed was too slow. So, I try to use B-Mobile for data communication. I wanted to use b-mobile but I didn't want to change the phone plan from softbank. Then, I try to use Pocket WiFi.

The largest merit of using PocketWiFi is that we can use 3G network at most 6 devices at a same time. When we are starbacks, some coffee stand, or some other places we can use 3G network through the wifi.

The speed was enough for web browser. However, for the data communicating through the android application, some of them didn't work. And, the buttery power also had problem. I need to charge the buttery every 1-2 days, even if i didn't use it. And, I had some situation that I wanted to use it however I forgot to bring it with me or to ch…

Pocket wifi

From today, I try to use pocket wifi. This post is first review for using pocket wifi. Why did i start to use pocket wifi? Usually, i use many devices that have wireless LAN. Ex, nexus one, android tablet, mac laptop, Linux netbook,etc,etc.... i only can use nexus one, when i go out from my room or university. Nexus one is good device for mobile phone. However, it is not enough screen size for working. So, i wanted to use my tablet in outdoor,too. On such timing, softbank mobile 3g network becomes to unstable state. By such situation, i decided to try the pocket wifi with b-mobile network. Because i don't want to change my phone number by this thing. Well, b-mobile is one of the mobile phone service provider using docomo's 3G networks. I bought sim card with a month contract. The good thing is that we can use at most 6devices at same time. Wherever we can use network. But, the buttery life is not so long. Maybe three hours. And, i'm not sure but i think it is slower than s…

App Backup & Reinstall - Android マーケット

Android Application App Backup & Reinstall - Android マーケット
Usually, android applications are installed to strage on the android device. However, the android device has limitation for strage. So, installed to strage is not happy for user. This application can be moved android application to SD card.
My Nexus one has limitation for application install area. And, it is too small for installing many applications. It is very nice application.
But, it is not possible to move all application to SD card. This application automatically detect that what application can be moved and make the list. The possibility is based on a variable that to where can we install it. So, if you have android shell then you can change the variable for some application. You will be able to find the way to change the variable by the google search.
App Backup & Reinstall - Android マーケット

Nexus One :: Time synchronization through the network

Clock synchronization
The two-three weeks after earthquake, my nexus one lose more than 10 minutes. Many clocks on my devices what are synchronized through the network are correct time. And, archos 101 also ticked correct time. However, I thought it was due to the earthquake attacked to the tower for radio signal of time sync. 
However, it was not only in Japan.

Now, my nexus one is ticking almost correct time ^^
It might be by the Android 2.3.3. What happend at that time? @_@?

Japan :: mobile phone

In Japan, it's used w-cdma protocol for mobile phone. W-cdma may be used at only  Japan and Korea. Many peaple make image as cdma2000, when you read "cdma". Because, GSM is used for mobile phone as standard protocole in many country. And some countries are using also cdma2000. Between GSM and cdma2000 are not compatible. However, between w-cdma and GSM are compatible. Cdma2000 is also used in Japan. )  Well, i had small trouble about this cdma, when i told about Japanese mobile phone protocole with a professor who came from overseas.  He asked me about my carrier on my phone. My phone is softbank mobile. And softbank mobile is using w-cdma protocol. You already know that w-cdma is not widely used protocol. And if you say cdma then it points to cdma2000. He also thought so. And, it made small discussion about that cdma is compatible or not. Actually, i could not explain aboutit well.  I remind about it. And i want to check that how my nexus one know about signal. Then n…

SSID in japanese?

Usually, we don't use japanese for setting to computer. Because, japaese needs at least two byte. Usually, many computer systems are designed for one byte. So, to use japanese in the system setting was not common way. If he is usual engineer then he will not set japanese for the setting to SSID. I was not do such a thing. Today, i read a tweet written by my friend. He wrote that he could see the japanese ssid from his house. I was really  suprized when i read it. So, I asked prof. Google about this ssid expression in japanese. So, it is  exist.Now, I had no wireless devces for trying it. But,it is so intersting thing for me.

MacOSX :: Snow leopard :: macport install error

I wanted to install some application to snowleopard using the macport.
However, I saw the error as following thing. The error was by md5.
I found similar error in the bug report.
Finally, I could install the package.
Before install it, I installed "Java for Mac OS X 10.6 Update 3 Developer Package"
You can download the Java package from apple developer site.

========== error code=======
:error:checksum Checksum (md5) mismatch for patch.
:info:checksum Portfile checksum: patch. md5 4878872edfc53c6ecb871b1062a4bdaf
:info:checksum Distfile checksum: patch. md5 db0a7b52a6a1dda6e154c9b0f0e5d72e
:info:checksum ---> Checksumming patch.
:error:checksum Checksum (md5) mismatch for patch.
:info:checksum Portfile checksum: patch. md5 55074e53d3acae2dcbeae8322f96e522
:info:checksum Distfile checksum: patch. md5 db0a7b52a6a1dda6e154c9b0f0e5d72e
:info:checksum ---> Checksumming patch.
:error:checksum Checksum (md5) mismatch for patc…