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Pocket wifi

From today, I try to use pocket wifi. This post is first review for using pocket wifi. Why did i start to use pocket wifi? Usually, i use many devices that have wireless LAN. Ex, nexus one, android tablet, mac laptop, Linux netbook,etc,etc.... i only can use nexus one, when i go out from my room or university. Nexus one is good device for mobile phone. However, it is not enough screen size for working. So, i wanted to use my tablet in outdoor,too. On such timing, softbank mobile 3g network becomes to unstable state. By such situation, i decided to try the pocket wifi with b-mobile network. Because i don't want to change my phone number by this thing. Well, b-mobile is one of the mobile phone service provider using docomo's 3G networks. I bought sim card with a month contract. The good thing is that we can use at most 6devices at same time. Wherever we can use network. But, the buttery life is not so long. Maybe three hours. And, i'm not sure but i think it is slower than s…