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How to install stencil to OmniGraffle, when the installing is not work correctly.

Yesterday, I fought with installation of OmniGraffle Stencils.
OmniGraffle is designing tool for diagrams, website elements, and graphics. This tool is strong for them on MacOSX.

Stencils are set of clip arts for omnigraffle. In default, OmniGraffle has enough stencils, but you can DL from following site, too. I wanted to use some specific clip arts, so I try to find them from following site.

When I downloaded UML2 collection from the site, the package was wrapped with ZIP. So, I unziped it. Then the file has no extension. Usually, we just need to double click the downloaded file for installing the stencils. When I double clicked the file, Mac OSX detect the file to open with XML editer. I tried something for installing it. But it was not working include manual installing.

Today, I downloaded other stencil form the site. Then the file has an extension as "gstencil". And, I could install the stencil with do…

How to use several virtual desktop on osx (linon)?

Usually, I used two or more virtual desktop on mac osx (before snowleopard). Commonly, we can use virtual desktop using "control and right or left arrow button."
However, after the lion, i could not find any virtual desktop. Today, I find this virtual desktop function on lion. On default, there is only one virtual desktop. When you press F3 button, you will be able to see all windows at same time. On this screen, you will see + button top and left side of the screen, when you move mouse cursor to the point. Then click the button. You will be able to use several other virtual desktop.

For the removing the optional virtual desktops, you just need to push x button on the list of virtual desktop on the top of screen.

Doraemon wii be born at 100 years later

Doraemon is one of the most famous anime in japan.  Doraemon came(?) for helping one kid who has so weak heart (spirit?). Doraemon helps the kid using many items from future.

He will be born just 100 years' later from Today (Yesterday 3/9).


Google start to provide following. If you have an android phone, you can use voice search. When you ask "droemo~~~n" using the voice searching tool, you will be able to see something ^^ And, if you are an iPhone user, then u need to download  the search app. You can download from the page.
Doraemon mirai (future) search for osx : official client comes

There are many cloud strage services in the world. For example, Dropbox, suger sync, google drive and

   Today, I focus to Because, lately, started to provide a new version of client for Mac OSX. The previous version's client of for OSX had many limitation. The largest problem was that the client can not sync between local strage and The previous version could just mount as ftp servers and add or remove from the system. It was big limitation for using cloud stile of strage.

  However, the strongest part of is strage size. Now, I can use 50GB for free. So, I didn't want to remove this account. On another side, it was difficult to manage data on Mac OSX. Because I needed to access from web browser to then to upload file from the interface on web browser.

  Now, the lastest version of client for starts the sync function on OSX. So, I try to use new version.

  My stile for cloud strage is following. I use cloud…

Bicycle insurance in japan

Long time, I was considering about bicycle insurance.

Many japanese are not consider about insurance for bicycle in japan. Because japan is weak country for insurance.

Many people considered about when they are attacked by car. They didn't have an idea what they may be going to be individual at fault. However, road bikes are faster than my MTB. And, many of city bikes do not turn on a head light after sunset. The old person has also no idea what the bicycles can ride so fast as 50cc motar bike. Then they easy enter in front of bicycles. Such kind of accident is not few in japan. And, the worst case of such accident, the road bike rider needed to pay 40 millions yen to attacked person.

Bicycle ride's bad manner have begun to social issues. Some bicycle riders do not follow the traffic lights or traffic signs. In such background, sometime, I have risks what I will be attacked by such bicycle riders when I ride my MTB. However, as above reason, many riders have no insurance for r…

PET bottle tea

There are many kind of tea in the world. Japanese also drink many kind of teas. Maccya is one of the famous japanese tea. Usually, many kind of teas are filtered for preparing. Maccya is used tea leaves powder. So, we can drink tea leaves themselves, too.

Well, as a title of this post, there are many kind of tea what is bottles into PET bottles. We can easy to find them in convenience stores. Usually, the pet bottle tea is already filtered.  The filtered tea bottles are also tasty. But I like following product's both of taste and idea.

The bottle has capsule inside the cap. Can you see the cap of this bottle? This cap is much longer than usual PET bottle. And inside of the cap has a tea leaves powder as next picture. And, the body has just water. It is usual water until we open the bottle cap.

This picture is about cut plane of cap.
The dark green part is hard cap. And white part is mouth of bottle. Light green part is the powder.

Next picture is about the real documents how to op…

Photo : Android, Dropbox, Google+

Almost all of week end, I ride my MTB in the city. I want to try real mountain, but I have no known person who can go mountain with me. ^^;;

Well, to take photo with cycling is also interesting thing, when i ride. And to make write blog makes me fun. I write it in japanese on other server.

Usually, I use two cameras for taking photo. One is cheep digital camera. Using digital camera can take good quality of photo. And, I can use big size of storage. The cpu on camera is specialized for taking photo.  Another one is my mobile phone.  The quality of processor for taking photo is not so good on mobile phone. However, it is good for taking sun. When we use good quality camera, every light effect is computed by processor. It is good. But, when we use mobile phone then we can take sun with light line or cross. The mobile phone does not compute such light effect, so we can take an amazing interest photo.

Other reason of using mobile phone is data transfer. When we use digital camera, we need…

SNS : publishers - subscribers

Recently, many kind of SNS are released.

Some of japanese go out to SNS what provides the service for world wide as FB, Twitter and Google+.  Well, google provides two different SNS. One is Google+ and another one is Youtube. Youtube live is provided from google+ hangout.

The view from connectibility of users they are two different thing. Facebook can allow only bidirectional connection between users. You can follow some page with like button, but it is little bit difference. Twitter and google+ can allow the one way connection between users.  This difference comes from the view of publisher and subscribes , i think. On twitter and google+, publisher wants to describe something to others. But, the publisher don't want to care about who has interest in the published contents. If the user has interest in the contents then the user will subscribe the publisher. On the facebook, the publisher want to tell something to his friends. So, the main target of subscriber is publisher's f…

Wasabi Ginger Ale

Last sunday, I went to cycling with my friend.

After finishing to ride, we entered to convenience store. Then we found a strange bottle. The bottle is named wasabi ginger ale!!!
What????? Wasabi + Ginger ale????

We tried to drink this. This drink has strong ginger taste. I like this strong ginger taste, actually.

Well..... where is a wasabi????

I drank little bit more......

I can not find the taste of wasabi......

Maybe...... 30 seconds later from drinking, I could feel small smell of wasabi.....
I think the ginger taste was too strong for wasabi smell..... ~_~;;;

SonyEricsson xperia ray ICS ver.

I reviewed little bit about sony ericsson Xperia ray, when I update from GB to ICS.

Well, from the beginning, one of the problem on my phone is the function of phone call. This is not only for ICS but also for GB. Because, for me, the largest application is address book. Usually, I use default address book app. When I start up the address book app, it is ok. First problem is scrolling. Sometime, the app gets a crash, when i try to scroll down my address book. And second one is when i try calling. When I call someone, I open address book then I choose one of elements in list. when the time, the state changing from address book to calling has more than 3 seconds. I don't know why it is happened. But, it is one of big problem for me.... because it is mobile phone...... ~_~;;;

I think next topic is related with above thing. The next topic is about memory (RAM.) I think(not sure, because i forget) the xperia ray has 512MB of ram.  The real usable size of ram is 340MB. It was enough big…

Android :: speed

Usually, our system becomes speed (performance) down, when we install many application. We can say same thing onto our android phone.

   Some of my friends also said same thing. In this post, I did not any evaluate about anything. All of my writing in this post is only from my experience and feeling.

  Many case, the performance down on android comes from RAM space. I used task manager for this problem 2years ago. And some people do it. Well, I found one thing. We can control the task execution because of the application. However, many of android task managers are executed as background process. Such kind of application will be one factor for speed down.  I removed such kind of background executed task manager.

  This is my result to use android mobile phone. The problem for speed down is application cache and background executed process.  So, I use two application.

  First application is app2sd. The main feature of app2sd is move application from phone strage to sd card. However, …

Don't update ubuntu from old version to 12.04LTS

As the title, I think you should not update from old version of Ubuntu to latest version of ubuntu.

Yes, if you customize so much and to re-customize is quite difficult then you can not avoid update.  However, if you do not customize so much then you should remove current installed ubuntu and cleaninstall the latest version. The reason is following.

From 08.04, I had many troubles for ubuntu update especially X configuration. I use 4 different ubuntu desktop and 2 virtual computer on vmware. Only on vmware's ubuntu can be update safely. My friend is also using ubuntu. However, his computer also had many troubles. He using some server software on ubuntu. So, he did want to update from zero. And his computer got crash before x started. He used some days for repair that problem. For me, many of computers are only for desktop except one computer. So, usually, I update them and got crash then I remove them and reinstall from zero. Because, I don't want to use time for repair the os…

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS : review

I tried to use Ubuntu 12.04 from last week.

For the total view, I think 12.04 is the most stable version except default desktop. This meaning is that if you will clean-install from zero then the system is so stable.

I tried to update from 11.10 to 12.04. The updating was completed. But it was not stable especially x-windows system. Usually, I work on ubuntu and intelli-j. So, x-windows system's problem is critical for me ^^;;

Finally, I formated the system partition and reinstall 12.04 from zero. And, I changed window manager to GNOME, then the system became quite good. Before 11.10, my computer could not find sound board. ( my computer has one sound card, one onboard sound card, and one USB sound card) I think my computer could know the usual sound card when i installed 10.04(?). However, after some updating, the system could not find any sound card. So, I gave up to setting up and I bought new USB sound card. However, it was not worked on my computer, too.  However, when I insta…

Xperia ray (ST18i) : GB ---> ICS

I use Xperia ray (ST18i).
Xperia ray has multiple type of versions.
I know JP version, US, North europa, Asia, and china.

And, I know JP version is one of the worst version for new release because of economic and political reason. So, I bought from hong kong. However, china version also had different meaning of political reason. I thought it is good for SIM free version. However, the bad point is that the phone cannot access to google account even if it is android phone. So, i decided to flash the rom from 2.3 to 4.0. I used official rom for north europa version. Many sites explain how to change rom. So, I don't do this. This time, I got friend's help. Because, the rom flashing too is provided for Windows or Linux. I have linux machines but it has many risks for flashing rom with linux machine.

I thought that I should wait for real release for my phone. The first release was last april for US version. And, I waited almost 1 month. However, it could not get new release. This me…

Review :: Google Drive

The first day when the google drive was released I try to use google drive. Actually, I thought I will not use google drive any more. Because, it has only 5GB strage for free and the provided client package for OSX was not work. And it was also difficult to manage the files from web browser.  The initial state, my home space had many files and directories what I created on google doc, google note, and etc. Actually, I didn't want to see them on this strage.....~_~;;;   Today, I try to install the google drive client for osx again. The client can be installed to my MacBookAir Lion. And, it works well. My personal opinion, the setting screen of sync policy has many spaces to improve. It is not so easy to understand. Finally, I removed all my data from my space. Because, I checked the select box what is only sync some folders to this computer. And, I sync them and I moved them into trash box ^^;;; Happily, I didn't need them. 
  Well, the client of google drive is almost same s…

Smart phone app and disaster

I already wrote about following in some place.
 And, I also wrote this in japanese first. Because, I wanted to know about this for japanese engineers.

 Many of u know the earth quake in japan, it was occurred one years ago. And, many of online services was developed or tested for such kind of disaster attacked.  Before the earth quake, I had claim weak buttery on smart phone. In the place where is attacked by disaster, it needs more than one weeks for recovering the infrastructure. However, current mobile phone especially mobile phone can be used only half day to 2 days. It is not enough in such situation. It is enough to call at least one know person. It is one opinion. However, in many case, it is also impossible to call one phone call to known person due to the network traffic jam.

On another hand, facebook tested a online service what we can tell our life through the facebook, when disaster will be happened. Well.... the last version of this service was needed to access to facebo…

Player/stage javalient3 (Sorry, this post has no new information)

Player/Stage, javaclient3 was released.
Actually, I didn't know about it untile this year.

You can get the javaclient from

You can get the some sample code from

It has many new elements. I will write a sample code and compile way, later.
I DL them from CVS. CVS version has no ant file. So, I need to import to IDE or to write ant file for compiling.

Kindle cloud reader

Today, my chrome app pool has new app. Actually, I think it is installed automatically.... I'm not sure but I have no memory to install the app. The app is provided by amazon. Name of the app is "Kindle cloud reader". I installed kindle app to my mac. However, by this installation, i could delete the kindle app from my mac. Actually, I will not be able to read any books on my mac, when I go out. However, when that time, I'll have my nexus one and tablet. Both of them have the kindle app.

Now, I try to buy some book with free cost. (it's very nice that i can get some kind of knowledge by free. But, I'm weak for english, so it is hard to read them for me.) And try to read it. Usually, I didn't use kindle app on my mac. because, I needed to boot special app for reading app. But, now, I don't need to boot any special app only needing is to push app on chrome. I read some pages. I'm reading "what is Node". I cannot explain about this book, ye…

My style using cloud storages

My main working machine is Mac OSX snow leopard. I'm using also android mobile phone, android tablet and linux desktops. The big problem for using claude strage is supports for platform, public policy and size of strage.
Dropbox is one of the famous claud strage. The lient software for Dropbox has good functionality, even if it is free uses. However, Dropbox is weak for strage size. Yes, Dropbox has more than enough functionalities. And we can use dropbox for free. If you want to use larger strage size then you can pay. The size for free users can use 2GB. And you can pay for 50GB or 100GB. The amount of cost is not so big. But, it can make dammages for students life, even if it is small amount of costs. 
On another hand,, N-Drive, SkyDrive and UbuntuDisk (I'm not sure the correct name?) are also good strage services what we can use for free, too. 
My private opinion, is also good cloud service. can use 50GB for free. And has good web interface.…

USB server

I went to working trip at last weekend. In that trip, I could buy an USB server.
USB server is like as converter from USB HDD to NAS. We just need to plug power cable, LAN cable and USB cable. And after small setting up, it will work as NAS (Network attached strage).

Following URL is the USB server what I bought. (in japanese) 3,000 jpy

I try to use this usb server in my house. I had some point where I though little bit for setting up.
client environment:
MacOSX (Snow leopard)
Ubuntu 11.10

The default network setting up is
Some of network uses different network address, so you need to change ip for your computer as fixed address. Then you can access this server from Firefox or chrome.
The server ask the login user name and password for setting up. You dont need to connect direct between your computer and usb-server. You just need to plug to netwrok hub for both of them.

First you need to change the IP address to fix t…

Strange SSID

Yesterday, I backed from working trip. To my house from rail line and bus top, I need to walk for 20 - 30 minuts. In this season, it has strong snow storm. And the road for walker has too much snow as 20- 30 cm. It is too difficult to walk such a distance with laptop and some many things. So, I was picked up by my friend by his car.
After taking dinner, we went to a cafe. And we worked 30-60 minutes with coffee. He said "Oh, here we can use WiFi in this cafe! Because I saw a seal what we can use WiFi here." So, we tried to use WiFi. (we cannot use any network in that. I don't know why....) When that time, I was surprised because of name of SSID. I forget exact name but it was following.
Actually, in the cafe, it has another SSID named freeSPOT. First I tried normal "freeSPOT". But it did not work. And he said that the seal said password is password. However, i have no idea that the strange SSID is correct or not. Be…

Ubuntu 11.10 :: GNOME

After Ubuntu 11.04, default window manager was changed from gnome to Unity.
In my opinion, Unity is good for using on tablet pc. However, it is difficult to use on desktop or laptop pc.

If you don't want to use Unity desktop as me, then you can use GNOME classic. On default, GNOME classic is not installed. You need to install from command line or package manager. The name of package is "gnome-session-fallback". (I haven't meet the bug, but some bugs are discussed in the Ubuntu forum.) Then, you can choose GNOME classic when you log on. I tried some window mangers, however no window manager is better to use than GNOME classic for me. GNOME classic has two mode named GNOME classic and GNOME classic no effect. With my desktop pc, I could not find any difference. (because i don't use any visual effect ^^;;;)

Well, for customizing the gnome panel, we just needed to dag and drop to the panel for adding some icon to start some application. Or we could use with right cli…