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My style using cloud storages

My main working machine is Mac OSX snow leopard. I'm using also android mobile phone, android tablet and linux desktops. The big problem for using claude strage is supports for platform, public policy and size of strage.
Dropbox is one of the famous claud strage. The lient software for Dropbox has good functionality, even if it is free uses. However, Dropbox is weak for strage size. Yes, Dropbox has more than enough functionalities. And we can use dropbox for free. If you want to use larger strage size then you can pay. The size for free users can use 2GB. And you can pay for 50GB or 100GB. The amount of cost is not so big. But, it can make dammages for students life, even if it is small amount of costs. 
On another hand,, N-Drive, SkyDrive and UbuntuDisk (I'm not sure the correct name?) are also good strage services what we can use for free, too. 
My private opinion, is also good cloud service. can use 50GB for free. And has good web interface.…

USB server

I went to working trip at last weekend. In that trip, I could buy an USB server.
USB server is like as converter from USB HDD to NAS. We just need to plug power cable, LAN cable and USB cable. And after small setting up, it will work as NAS (Network attached strage).

Following URL is the USB server what I bought. (in japanese) 3,000 jpy

I try to use this usb server in my house. I had some point where I though little bit for setting up.
client environment:
MacOSX (Snow leopard)
Ubuntu 11.10

The default network setting up is
Some of network uses different network address, so you need to change ip for your computer as fixed address. Then you can access this server from Firefox or chrome.
The server ask the login user name and password for setting up. You dont need to connect direct between your computer and usb-server. You just need to plug to netwrok hub for both of them.

First you need to change the IP address to fix t…

Strange SSID

Yesterday, I backed from working trip. To my house from rail line and bus top, I need to walk for 20 - 30 minuts. In this season, it has strong snow storm. And the road for walker has too much snow as 20- 30 cm. It is too difficult to walk such a distance with laptop and some many things. So, I was picked up by my friend by his car.
After taking dinner, we went to a cafe. And we worked 30-60 minutes with coffee. He said "Oh, here we can use WiFi in this cafe! Because I saw a seal what we can use WiFi here." So, we tried to use WiFi. (we cannot use any network in that. I don't know why....) When that time, I was surprised because of name of SSID. I forget exact name but it was following.
Actually, in the cafe, it has another SSID named freeSPOT. First I tried normal "freeSPOT". But it did not work. And he said that the seal said password is password. However, i have no idea that the strange SSID is correct or not. Be…