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Ubuntu 12.04 LTS : review

I tried to use Ubuntu 12.04 from last week.

For the total view, I think 12.04 is the most stable version except default desktop. This meaning is that if you will clean-install from zero then the system is so stable.

I tried to update from 11.10 to 12.04. The updating was completed. But it was not stable especially x-windows system. Usually, I work on ubuntu and intelli-j. So, x-windows system's problem is critical for me ^^;;

Finally, I formated the system partition and reinstall 12.04 from zero. And, I changed window manager to GNOME, then the system became quite good. Before 11.10, my computer could not find sound board. ( my computer has one sound card, one onboard sound card, and one USB sound card) I think my computer could know the usual sound card when i installed 10.04(?). However, after some updating, the system could not find any sound card. So, I gave up to setting up and I bought new USB sound card. However, it was not worked on my computer, too.  However, when I insta…

Xperia ray (ST18i) : GB ---> ICS

I use Xperia ray (ST18i).
Xperia ray has multiple type of versions.
I know JP version, US, North europa, Asia, and china.

And, I know JP version is one of the worst version for new release because of economic and political reason. So, I bought from hong kong. However, china version also had different meaning of political reason. I thought it is good for SIM free version. However, the bad point is that the phone cannot access to google account even if it is android phone. So, i decided to flash the rom from 2.3 to 4.0. I used official rom for north europa version. Many sites explain how to change rom. So, I don't do this. This time, I got friend's help. Because, the rom flashing too is provided for Windows or Linux. I have linux machines but it has many risks for flashing rom with linux machine.

I thought that I should wait for real release for my phone. The first release was last april for US version. And, I waited almost 1 month. However, it could not get new release. This me…