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SNS : publishers - subscribers

Recently, many kind of SNS are released.

Some of japanese go out to SNS what provides the service for world wide as FB, Twitter and Google+.  Well, google provides two different SNS. One is Google+ and another one is Youtube. Youtube live is provided from google+ hangout.

The view from connectibility of users they are two different thing. Facebook can allow only bidirectional connection between users. You can follow some page with like button, but it is little bit difference. Twitter and google+ can allow the one way connection between users.  This difference comes from the view of publisher and subscribes , i think. On twitter and google+, publisher wants to describe something to others. But, the publisher don't want to care about who has interest in the published contents. If the user has interest in the contents then the user will subscribe the publisher. On the facebook, the publisher want to tell something to his friends. So, the main target of subscriber is publisher's f…

Wasabi Ginger Ale

Last sunday, I went to cycling with my friend.

After finishing to ride, we entered to convenience store. Then we found a strange bottle. The bottle is named wasabi ginger ale!!!
What????? Wasabi + Ginger ale????

We tried to drink this. This drink has strong ginger taste. I like this strong ginger taste, actually.

Well..... where is a wasabi????

I drank little bit more......

I can not find the taste of wasabi......

Maybe...... 30 seconds later from drinking, I could feel small smell of wasabi.....
I think the ginger taste was too strong for wasabi smell..... ~_~;;;

SonyEricsson xperia ray ICS ver.

I reviewed little bit about sony ericsson Xperia ray, when I update from GB to ICS.

Well, from the beginning, one of the problem on my phone is the function of phone call. This is not only for ICS but also for GB. Because, for me, the largest application is address book. Usually, I use default address book app. When I start up the address book app, it is ok. First problem is scrolling. Sometime, the app gets a crash, when i try to scroll down my address book. And second one is when i try calling. When I call someone, I open address book then I choose one of elements in list. when the time, the state changing from address book to calling has more than 3 seconds. I don't know why it is happened. But, it is one of big problem for me.... because it is mobile phone...... ~_~;;;

I think next topic is related with above thing. The next topic is about memory (RAM.) I think(not sure, because i forget) the xperia ray has 512MB of ram.  The real usable size of ram is 340MB. It was enough big…