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Bicycle insurance in japan

Long time, I was considering about bicycle insurance.

Many japanese are not consider about insurance for bicycle in japan. Because japan is weak country for insurance.

Many people considered about when they are attacked by car. They didn't have an idea what they may be going to be individual at fault. However, road bikes are faster than my MTB. And, many of city bikes do not turn on a head light after sunset. The old person has also no idea what the bicycles can ride so fast as 50cc motar bike. Then they easy enter in front of bicycles. Such kind of accident is not few in japan. And, the worst case of such accident, the road bike rider needed to pay 40 millions yen to attacked person.

Bicycle ride's bad manner have begun to social issues. Some bicycle riders do not follow the traffic lights or traffic signs. In such background, sometime, I have risks what I will be attacked by such bicycle riders when I ride my MTB. However, as above reason, many riders have no insurance for riding sports bike or city bikes. In such case, I will need to use my insurance.

Because of above things, I was finding an insurance for bicycle. Then I asked about this insurance to the owner of bicycle shop. He said there was insurance for bicycles before 2005. However, the insurance was finished by some reasons. The largest reason is that the price needs to low. Because many customers were injured person or had small accidents. However, total number of accidents were not small. And another reason is the law of insurance. Before 2005, the bicycle shop owners could sell an insurances to there customers. However, now, they need some licenses for insurance selling. Then many of bicycle shop owners could not sell. By such reasons, bicycle insurance was removed by insurance corporations.

So, how can i get it?
Now, we have three choice.
1. If you have private insurance for car driving, then you can add the option for riding bicycles. This support space is not only for you but also your families. Many corporations need another price for this option. However, Nihon-koua-sonp (name of insurance corporation) do not change the price for this option. Luckily, I have been this insurance before I knew. If you have a car, then this is the most reasonable way to have insurance for bicycle.

2. Some insurance corporation provides an insurance for bicycle riding. However, the price of this insurance is not cheep for bicycle insurance. (the owner said)

3.Last way is maintenance insurance by the organization of bicycle. This insurance is only way what you can get it from bicycle shop. This insurance is for good maintained bicycle. This good point is you can get not only insurance but also maintained your bicycle by shop. The price is 8000 jpy (I'm not sure, I forget exact price. ) However, the insurance has a upper bound of limitation for the payment. And same as car insurance by law, the payment is for the opposite side (injured person.) However, at least you can pay for it.

The owner said that the government makes infrastructure on the road for bicycle for separating from walker or car driver (dependent of the traffic condition). However, they don't focus to the insurance even if the traffic accident is not small numbers. Same as 50cc motar bike, bicycle environment should also have an insurance by law at least for injured person. However, for that, the low should obligate the helmet wearing. This two thing will kill the freeness of bicycle. So, it is difficult choice. I agree ^^


Anonymous said…
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Thank you for your comment. Yes, of course, we need insurance for motorcycle.

In japan, if you want to take motorcycle, you need at least one insurance for casualty by the law. And you can take another private insurance, too.

Well.... my meaning is bicycle with out motor. The law for bicycle with human power is not compatible with existing society, I think
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