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Online shopping : Glasses

I wrote about a service which we can buy glasses by the internet.
We try to use the service. The step was following.
1. find glasses frame which you want to try at most 5 glasses.
2. create your account onto the site.
3. put your credit card information
   if you will buy some of them, the payment will come. And, if you don't like all of them, you just need to return them. then you will not have any payment from the site. it is as deposit if you will not return some glasses.
4. wait them until post officer bring it to you
5. try them for 5 days
6. if you want to buy some of them, then you just select which glasses do you want to buy. and which glasses do you want to return ( Sure, you can return all of them, too. if you don't like them, when you try real glasses.) the posting cost for both way are for free.

In this time, there are no glasses which we want to buy. So, we return them. But, we will try some other frame later (im not sure when i will do) but we can try the service…

Glasses shopping in the internet

Today, my wife found a good web site which sells glasses.

Usually, to find good grasses on the internet is so difficult. Because , we need to make images from cyber cpace to real physical space. However, the following site is so nice.


How nice is that you can select at most 5 glasses from more than 20,000 of glasses. Then you put several your information includes your credit card information. Then they will post them by mail. And you can try them in 5 days. If you have good glasses in them, you can buy one of it. Or, if you don't have any good glasses then you can return them. Both of getting and returning postage are for free. You just receive them and put them inside the box which you received with glasses then you just bring the box to post service,

If you want the glasses with degrees then you need return them and tell your thick degree then they will post your glasses with degree again. Sure, the postage cost is for free.

Sadly, the service is only …