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Osaka : sea zoo : Kaiyu-kan

We went to Osaka last week end for meeting with my family.  And, to see a sea zoo which is the largest class of sea zoo in japan. Because my wife wanted to see Whale shark (ジンベイザメ ) which is the largest fish in the world.
Whole Shark ::
Kaiyukan      ::

This is a whale shark
The shark came to Kaiyu-kan last month. Because, there were two whole shark but sadly there were dead. So, two of new whole sharks came again.

The shark is one of the most famous life in Kaiyu-kan.  You can see them more clearly if you go there. The water tank is third floor level on building of height. And they are many fishes in same water tank. And our camera is not so good. So there photo is not clear ^_^;

Not only whale sharks but also penguins are also famous life in the Kaiyukan. Some kind of penguins are same place and we can easily compare there difference. On there pictures, we can see only one or two kinds of penguins. But,…

Bar ; Akihabara : mAAch

Today, we went to stroll from tokyo station to Akihabara then to our room.

We walked to Kanda area then to Akihabara. Akihabara is behind of Kanada from Tokyo station.
When that time, we found several nice restaurant which have outdoor terraces. Many people take beer around there. And they are using under the JR rail lines. When we go to Akihabara, we just saw the place.
The place not only for restaurant but also some sundry goods shops. It is so interesting place not only for japanese but also international tourist. Some young and not famous artists sell many items. They are bit modern but also traditional design. And the design beings oversea stile to japanese stile. The prices are also not so experience.

There pictures are opposite side from what I said above. But this side is the main part of this article. ^_^ As above bottle of bear, inside of the shop has many beer which are made in japan. (some beer are imported from Belgium. We bought Shonan gold (this is lemon beer ) Usually,…