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Find old stile of Tokyo

We found old stile of japan in tokyo, when we walked around Kagurazaka Wikipedia Kagurazaka

Like as above, the views are imagined as a seen of edo period.
And such small street, there is many small restaurants. like following photos. I think there are so expensive restaurants around there......~_~;;;;

And main street of Kagurazaka, there is a taiyaki shop. Taiyaki is a japanese sweets which is used red beans. If you like sweets and beans, I think you like this sweet. Taiyaki is so hot, because it is cooked just before serving. taiyaki wikipedia    map

Deers, Nara

Nara is one of a the most famous sightseeing area in japan. It is very historical city as kyoto. But nara is much older city in japan to compare with kyoto.
There is many temples, ancient tomb ............ and deers.  In some case and some area, deers are tagged as harmful animal. Because they eat many agricultural products and skin of trees. However, in Nara, deers are protected by law in the nara local government. I dont remember very well, but because deers are pet of one of budda,

Deers can be stay freely. And some sellers who provide food for deers  are  around Todaiji (the largest daibutu in japan). Deers already know that tourists give foods to deers. So, deers come to tourists for getting foods, even if a tourist do not have any foods. And if deers detect that the tourist do not have any foods then deers stopping to come ^^;;; they know very well
Some people who has kids were worried to bring your kinds to around deers. Because deers have strong horns for fighting. However, ba…

Photo quality of cameras : Mobile phone vs Digital camera

I have a plan to go trip for bit long period. And, we are considering to take photo and make trip blogs and vlogs.

In such condition, we are considering how many cameras do we need more. Actually, to add more is not realistic ^^; So, we reconsider how our cameras we will be able to use.

Today, I compare my digital camera which I use when I go to cycling (this mean that I don't feel so sad even if it is broken) and mobile phone's camera quality.
I wrote about sea zoo last time. We took many photos and videos using 2 digital cameras and two mobile phones. So, I use there photos, now.

1st, I add photos which is take to use mobile phone..
This shot is not so bad. This is enough usable on my blog. 
But, this is not clear..... there are large glass and large volume of water between us. We can know what is that. but it is not enough clear...
Source of light is from opposite side. I think this shot is much better than digital camera. Because a photo which is take digital camera is tak…