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Tokyo walking ; Edo culture. I found old Tokyo (EDO)

Now, Tokyo is one of famous cities in the world. Not as europa main cities, it is difficult to find classical parts in Tokyo. Most of them are modern building. I found some classic parts in tokyo as previous posts.

Last week, I found other classic parts in tokyo. Most people in tokyo are moved from other city as me. However, almost 10% of population in tokyo are living in tokyo from hundreds years ago. Last period of Samurai was Edo period. And, people who were living in Edo (Tokyo now) had difference culture from Osaka , Kyoto, or other cities. Such people who live(d) in Tokyo are/were called  as EdoKko.

If you have interest in EdoKko then check it from google, please. I can not explain what is EdoKko. Because I also don't about it in detail.

However, I could have mood as Edo city in a festival in Hie-Shinto-Shrine. It is one of oldest shinto-shrine in Eod city. Almost(?) every year, it has festival on it. And it was 400 years memorial festival.

Following photos are about last da…