Sunday, August 07, 2016

Tokyo walking : New spot in Tokyo (akasaka, Kioicyo)

After long redeveloped, Kioi-cyo, Tokyo has new spot.
Akasaka Pince Hotel was closed. And the place had nothing. Recently, there are new place.

This building was owned by Li (re?) KIngdom family from china at 100s years ago. It is kept as important cultural assets.
 I think it is not only for cultural assets but also for cafe. Because I saw several staff people just in front of this building. I have not entered to this building.
This cultural assets is not only building but also this graden. You can see this garden for free. (I'm not sure that seeing the building needs fee or free.....

And just border of the building and parkgarden has a deer. Big deer..... The height of the deer is larger than 4m.... (i think)

In the garden park has many restaurants. The area has 3-4 floors. And you can enter them directory from Akasaka-mituke station . I like there area.

Bellows are night view of this building.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Chipstar Wasabi Flavor

Today, we try wasabi huraba of Chipstar. Chipstar is one of famous potato chips in japan.

Today, we found a bottle of chipstar with wasabi flavor, There are many kind of potato chips with wasabi flavor. However, we have not seen wasabi flavor on Chipstar. So, we try to take them

It is enough wasabi flavor. But it is not too strong.
It was so nice flavor. We think it is on top 5 of wasabi flavor of potato chips.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Tokyo walking ; Edo culture. I found old Tokyo (EDO)

Now, Tokyo is one of famous cities in the world. Not as europa main cities, it is difficult to find classical parts in Tokyo. Most of them are modern building. I found some classic parts in tokyo as previous posts.

Last week, I found other classic parts in tokyo. Most people in tokyo are moved from other city as me. However, almost 10% of population in tokyo are living in tokyo from hundreds years ago. Last period of Samurai was Edo period. And, people who were living in Edo (Tokyo now) had difference culture from Osaka , Kyoto, or other cities. Such people who live(d) in Tokyo are/were called  as EdoKko.

If you have interest in EdoKko then check it from google, please. I can not explain what is EdoKko. Because I also don't about it in detail.

However, I could have mood as Edo city in a festival in Hie-Shinto-Shrine. It is one of oldest shinto-shrine in Eod city. Almost(?) every year, it has festival on it. And it was 400 years memorial festival.

Following photos are about last day of the festival.
This festival uses cars as above. The Shinto think the car have shinto spirits. And, each town around the shinto-shrine have different cars for this festival.  And I think to carry such car in a festival is one part of spirits of EdoKko. ( to carry such car is not unique in tokyo. many area in japan has same festival. ) However, EdoKko like to make such festival. ^_^

Same town wear same color of clothes.And each town rival there activeness.

 Design of each car are dependent on town.

Well, this festival is called Sanno-sai.

Saturday, April 09, 2016

Lucidchart: Diagram drawing tool

There are many drawing tool. And it is difficult to choice one from such drawing set. Because there are many different features.

Several years ago, I used OmmniGraffle (
It is also good tool for drawing. Because OmmniGraffle has many pre-provided object not only UML diagram but also room-design, circuits-design, chemical diagram, etc, etc..... And ommnigraffle has good and easy to use UI. So, it is not so difficult to drawing diagram as me who is awkward. (^_^ ;;;) However, it is not easy to share data with several computers.You need several installation of ommigraffle onto individual mac, and you need to share your graph data using some way as using e-mail, network storages, dropbox,, or some other way. If you forget to make data onto such storage, then you need to remake from zero.

Recently (this 3 - 4 years), I switch to use Lucidchart. Lucidchart has more simple interface and objects than ommnigraffle. So, it is much easy to use. The UI is simple but well designed for using.  However, I don't need to install any software on my computer, because Lcidchart works on web browser as GoogleChrome. So, you don't need to consider operation system choice. You can install Lchidachart from chrome store. And you can save your data onto google drive. So, you can edit and use your data on any place if you have the Internet connection. And you can export your diageams as PDF, PDN, JPEG, and so on.  Pricing of Luchdchrat is not cheep but not expeincive. it is same level with other software. 5USD per month. So, you need 60USD per year. A drawing software life time is 2 years to 3 years. So, 60 USD is not so cheep and expensive. But, Lucidchart also have free user account. It have many limitation from payed version. However, it is also enough usable.

And, it is also good point for me. Lucidchart can inport data of Ommnigraffle. So, you can use old data, if you used omminigraffle.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

highway, Tokyo. Tokyowalking

Tokyo has many highways (syutoko). However, most highways in Tokyo are built before Tokyo Olympic (1964 :  Tokyo Olympic).
Tokyo was nothing just after 2nd war. maybe, you can check many photos in the Internet about Tokyo just after 2nd war.
so, the largest question is why there long distances of highways in Tokyo were built only less than 20years? Because if they were built from nothing, then it was needed more than hundreds years.
the answer is there highways were reused of moat around castle. Tokyo had been capital since 3-400 years ago(Edo period1603 – 1868). so, there moats were grown using for 300-400 years.

As following photos are a part of highway. You can see a wall on right side on each photo. They are a trace of moat. If you have interest in this seen, you can see Shintomicyo. I pined on a map on this blog.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Tokyo Walking : Photo Vlog

Recently, I walk Tokyo, Japan with my wife. Our walking distance has began more than 10km for each day. Before that, I like to take photo when I walk around my life spaces, when I take bicycle and so  on. I uploaded some video when I went to cycling. 

Well.... I took many photos after my mobile phone was changed. My new phone is snoy Xperia. Xperia have good quality of camera. And Xperia have good video maker which uses photos data. And, it is much easy to make small video than to use Mac Or PC softwares.

So, I start to publish Tokyo walking Vlog, too. 

Following video is around Kanda area, Tokyo, Japan.  I took them using Xperia and making video. I needed only 5-10 minutes. 

Next video is around Ebisu (Yebisu), Tokyo Japan. Usually, we go there for buying wine. Around Ebisu station, we have favorite wine shop. 

Like as above, there is not so special or not so good quality for video, however I think it is enough for vlogs.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Discover of tokyo "Omotesando area": it mixes modern design and old things

i may write some posts about life tracking devices.
well, after i start to use such devices, our walking distance became larger .  it was two km was the largest distance for walking, when we got them. now, especially, after came back from europe, two km for our walking is normal thing. we walked 30km on beginning of this month. And, we walked 23km on last weekend.
"I'll write review about such devices later. "

today, i write about walking on one day of last weekend.

I walked around omitesando, tokyo. it is an area between harajyuku and gaien park. Usually, the area are famous for modern and arts. I do not know well about tokyo. But, i also know littele bit about the area, even if i am such person.

In that walking, I could find more new knowledge about omotesando.

Following photo is a exact same as my image for Omotesando.

Above photo is a french foods restaurant.

And Cafes.
Like as above, Omotesando has many shop which is famous for girls and people who has interest in fashions. (in my image)

However, Omotesando had some other faces, too.

One is green. Some small streets have some green area like as below.
 I was surprised because of the green. In Osaka-city (2nd or 3rd largest city in japan), there are not such greens in a center of city.

The other face is old.
I found many too old building among modern designed building as below.
This building clothed vegetations. And the vegetations made fruites.

Like as above, Omotesando area is not simple area. I will be able to find some other new elements on next time, too.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Dragon : Denmark vs Japan

We went to Lego-land in Denmark. However, we could not enter it at that day due to holiday.

Well, we went to Lego discovery center in Odaiba, Tokyo. Some day, Lego Discovery center makes an event for  adult people.  And, we saw many items. I will write about them later. Today, I will write about dragon.

Both of Hotel Legoland (denmark) and Lego discovery center (Tokyo ) have dragon.  They have common parts but bit difference. So, I write about the dragon.

When you enter to Hotel Lego-land from main entrance, then green dragon gives your welcome. As following dragon. the dragon is so big more than 2 meters tall (maybe)
 The dragon is much wider than a dragon of my images.  And a dragon in my images has two horns as deer. However the dragon has a horns as unicorn (uni??) However, this dragon is enough power. I like this dragon, too. The cute point is his tongue especially the fork of thongue.

Lego-land Billun, Denmark :

Next photos are dragon in tokyo
Lego Discovery center : Odaiba -Tokyo :

The dragon is also different from my images of dragon. But the this dragon is much closer than denmark's one for body line. My image has green for dragon body. So, Denmark's dragon is much easy to image ^^
The dragon has two horns for his head. And shape of face is much realistic for japanese. I think this image is for japanese or east asian. Fingers are also realistic. Actually, I wanted to try hugging with him ^_^

 However, dragon in tokyo has full body. This is good point for me. Wing is much smaller than denmark's dragon. I think this is due to space in building.
If you want to go lego discovery center then you need at least one children with you because of the rule of discovery center. And you need to reserve the ticket from the internet. Some days, discovery center makes an event for adult as i wrote above.

Friday, November 06, 2015

Ice cream Spaghetti

When we are in trip to europe, we met several friends. Friends who we met in germany introduce us about ice cream spaghetti.
We took dinner together in keln. At that time, we had a topic about ice cream. We like ice cream. 
And I was thinking to go hargendaz at that time, because we saw hargendaz in hamburg central station.  In such context of our talking, they introduced about ice cream spaghetti.

Ice cream spaghetti is not a spaghetti. It is an ice cream plate as following.
 Above picture is not a spaghetti meat sauth. I thought it was spaghetti with Parmesan cheese, when I saw this photo after coming back to japan. It is really ice cream as following photo.

 It was vanilla ice cram with

You can find ice cream spaghetti in such cafe. If you can see ice cream counter on front of the shop then you may be able to take ice cream spaghetti. The friends said that you should ask menue about ice cream spaghetti before you will enter the shop. Most such shop, you can find.
And you should find a staff who has as much as similar to Italian. Such cafe can save good ice cream spaghetti.

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Starbacks among europe and japan

Starbucks are most cities in the world wide. Sure, we use starbucks in some situation not only weekend but also business sean.

One of my friends said that a NY cheesecake by starbucks is a best cake for him.

And, it is easy to find starbucks in a city. Because we know the symbol of the starbucks, even if they are little bit difference on each countries. The coffee is not so special but the quality of coffees are not so difference.

Well, I found a thing about starbucks. ( I think it is common thing for people who are in EU.) The coffee taste are quite difference among the countries. Before to leave from japan, I thought starbucks are serve coffees similar qualities and taste. We tried not only starbucks  but also local cafe in each cities.  There are many good cafes in germany and north europe. Starbucks served  coffees which are much for each nationalities. So, we could try many difference type of starbucks coffees.

And I was surprised about custom menu. Usually, I change milk to soy milk. (in my case, it is not for diete ^^;;) But, all countries in our trip also had soy milk, In my opinion, I thought that the soy milk customize is only for japanese menu as match drink.

And, usually, in japan, few officer ask a name of customer. However, most shop officer asked our name  in europe.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Rail line stations in North Europe and Germany : View From Japanese

We used 5 airports in our last trip. Copenhagen Airport, Helsinki Airport, Stockholm Airport, Frankfurt Airport and Bile Airport (Denmark). I have used CDG and london airport.

This is Copenhagen airport station. I think I took this photo on last day on europe when we headed to Copenhagen airport.

This is one of the express train. Some trains can being us to central station of copenhagen. However, some trains are not done to the station. You need to check it by yourself throug the schedule board as above photo. Actually, we asked to some people too much time, when we went to central station of copenhage.

Following two photos are in Helsinki. I took them on 1st day of europe. We were surprised about airport station's deepness. In tokyo, we have several deep line but most case they are subway. From airport to center of station, most case, the rail line station is not so deep.  (sure, there stations are underground, too)

We needed to take such long  escalators several times. I have only seen such long escalator on Otemachi station, tokyo metoro hanzomon line. However, in north europe, most of station (for subway) were such deep lines.

I think this is central station of Copenhagen. Copenhagen was third countries in our trip. So, we could adjust the cultures for rail line in europe.

Following station is taken from inside of train, I don't know what station is that. However, most europe countries' statino is exact same as images what most japanese have for stations in europe getting from japanese animation or comics.

Next photo is one of the most surprised seen for us. This is a train what we took from Copenhagen to Hamburg (ICE). Because this photo is taken in a ship. When we moved from Copenhagen to Frankfurt through Hamburg using trains. We switched state of sleeping and waking up for many times, because we took early morning's train. Suddenly, our train was stopped in building. And most people except tourist as us were getting out to train. And officer came us and say we need to get out from train. We really could not understand what happened with us. Actually, it is in ship. ICE entered to ship. And, we need to get out from train for an hour.

This is Humburg central station on Germany. The station was much wider than noeth europe countries. However, the station was much hard to see the rail line schedule board. Because, most countries in north europe had many central boards for announcing. However, germany station had only one or two central boards. And we need to check the schedule on annouse board on each platform independently.

I think this is Frankfrut central station. In my opinion, architecture of many stations in germany  are as with  arts. North europian countries, there station have also arts much more than japanese stations (this is sure) However, stations in north europe are basically painted on there walls. However, stations in germany are much more 3d arts.
 I think stations in north europe are as modern arts and stations in germany are as traditional arts.