Saturday, August 29, 2015

Osaka : sea zoo : Kaiyu-kan

We went to Osaka last week end for meeting with my family.  And, to see a sea zoo which is the largest class of sea zoo in japan. Because my wife wanted to see Whale shark (ジンベイザメ ) which is the largest fish in the world.
Whole Shark ::
Kaiyukan      ::

This is a whale shark
The shark came to Kaiyu-kan last month. Because, there were two whole shark but sadly there were dead. So, two of new whole sharks came again.

The shark is one of the most famous life in Kaiyu-kan.  You can see them more clearly if you go there. The water tank is third floor level on building of height. And they are many fishes in same water tank. And our camera is not so good. So there photo is not clear ^_^;

Not only whale sharks but also penguins are also famous life in the Kaiyukan.
Some kind of penguins are same place and we can easily compare there difference. On there pictures, we can see only one or two kinds of penguins. But, there are three or four (not sure) kind of penguins are there

Other fishes..

Total rout of seeing in Kaiyukan is almost 1km.
So, you can see many fishes

The place of  Kaiyukan is just bay side. So you can walk around Kaiyukan (Osaka bay) after going out from there.

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Bar ; Akihabara : mAAch

Today, we went to stroll from tokyo station to Akihabara then to our room.

We walked to Kanda area then to Akihabara. Akihabara is behind of Kanada from Tokyo station.
When that time, we found several nice restaurant which have outdoor terraces. Many people take beer around there. And they are using under the JR rail lines. When we go to Akihabara, we just saw the place.
The place not only for restaurant but also some sundry goods shops. It is so interesting place not only for japanese but also international tourist. Some young and not famous artists sell many items. They are bit modern but also traditional design. And the design beings oversea stile to japanese stile. The prices are also not so experience.

There pictures are opposite side from what I said above. But this side is the main part of this article. ^_^
As above bottle of bear, inside of the shop has many beer which are made in japan. (some beer are imported from Belgium. We bought Shonan gold (this is lemon beer ) Usually, (maybe in japan?) lemon beers are bit sweet. but the beer has so nice smell of lemon, but it is not sweet. It was my first experience but so good experience for us. 

 And the spot also provides free wifi and tables. some of tourist take breaks and drink beer and to check there tablets
If you have some experience to go only center of akihabara, then you should try such spot ^^

table of the shop. some of such tables are there for beer drinkers.

Akihabara mAAch.
mAAch. in English

Map mAAch

The beer event is not permanently. it has summer only event.
Check following page
in english

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Online shopping : Glasses

I wrote about a service which we can buy glasses by the internet.
We try to use the service. The step was following.
1. find glasses frame which you want to try at most 5 glasses.
2. create your account onto the site.
3. put your credit card information
   if you will buy some of them, the payment will come. And, if you don't like all of them, you just need to return them. then you will not have any payment from the site. it is as deposit if you will not return some glasses.
4. wait them until post officer bring it to you
5. try them for 5 days
6. if you want to buy some of them, then you just select which glasses do you want to buy. and which glasses do you want to return ( Sure, you can return all of them, too. if you don't like them, when you try real glasses.) the posting cost for both way are for free.

In this time, there are no glasses which we want to buy. So, we return them. But, we will try some other frame later (im not sure when i will do) but we can try the service many time.

And, if you want to use real  lens, you need to return all of them. At that time, you need to click which one do you want and what degree of lens do you want, then they will change real lens and repost it to you. If you don't know your degree of lens then you can some shop which they have relation with the service. then the shop can check your degree. And the shop also change to real lens.

it was so nice servie ^_^

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Glasses shopping in the internet

Today, my wife found a good web site which sells glasses.

Usually, to find good grasses on the internet is so difficult. Because , we need to make images from cyber cpace to real physical space. However, the following site is so nice.


How nice is that you can select at most 5 glasses from more than 20,000 of glasses. Then you put several your information includes your credit card information. Then they will post them by mail. And you can try them in 5 days. If you have good glasses in them, you can buy one of it. Or, if you don't have any good glasses then you can return them. Both of getting and returning postage are for free. You just receive them and put them inside the box which you received with glasses then you just bring the box to post service,

If you want the glasses with degrees then you need return them and tell your thick degree then they will post your glasses with degree again. Sure, the postage cost is for free.

Sadly, the service is only in japanese. So, you need to stay in japan and you need to uderstand japanese or you need to have a friends who can understand japanese.

But i think it is so nice services

If you are in japan and have interest it then try it.

I will also try it

Sunday, June 21, 2015

traffic in tokyo

it is second raining season after i moved to Tokyo. today, i write about my life in Tokyo. because, I'm waiting for clinic for eyes.
many people said that the public transportation in lush hour are hell. but, it is not so much. yes, my weight of body is not light, so I'm easier than women. but i imaged worth than actual.if you have  few experience to public transportation life or smaller than average size of body, then you may fell it as hell.
I'm feeling that most trains in Tokyo enter to station is so fast... sometimes, i feel scared because of the speed when i wait a train. so many days, at least one line are stopped the services or delayed. some reasons are due to a person jumped into rail line. i think one of the problems about it is a entry speed into station.... the speed is such fast.
well, other reason of public transportation delayed is fighting among passengers. the reason is so hard for waiting to restart of service.
i write about transportation, today. so last topic is about bicycles. new low of traffic is started from this June. usually, the changing is for car drivers. but, this time, it is for bicycle riders. some people take bicycle with nothing to care about others. sometimes, they makes big accidents. so, the low was changed. but the problem is that the low is not specified the details. they said it is case by case. actually, it is depended on the cop.... it is not written clear. So, no one knows exact rule what is a safe in the traffic low...

OK, my clinic for eye for today is done ^^ ( I have sty my eye ~_~;;;)

I forgot to push this. i wanted to use spelling check function on my computer and...... I forgot everything about this post ^^;;;

My computer backs! "ubuntu + wireless connector"

This is not an article which I write for public space.....

Recently, my main desktop pc was kept cool. Because after I moved my current flat, my computer need wireless connection environment for the internet but it does not have.

And, I have bought a small wireless connecter as following.

After I got it, I try to boot my computer.... then .... sadly it is die just after boots a bios......
Today, i take it from behind my desk and open the box and trying to start it then I got ubuntu screen!
Finally, i can use my computer,

Above, wireless client connector, I could use on ubuntu linux with nothing to do.

Well.... when i open my computer... the ubuntu version was 12.xLTE........ ~_~;;;
now i am waiting version up

Monday, June 08, 2015

Bushi no kondate (武士の献立)

Today, I watched a movie on hulu. The movie is "Bushi no kondate (武士の献立)"

It was around middle of Edo period in japan (around 1700's.) Bushi was a almost same as government employees. Cooks for castle not only shogun but also other Daimyo (load) were also a position of bushi. Main character was a cook of Kaga states because of his family roots. Kaga had a big load at that time. So, it had/has good food culture since such ages. ( I like there area's foods, too. ) But, main character did not like his work because cook is not main stream of samurai works. And his father found good woman who had good skill of cooking for his sun's wife. This movie is about such couple's life. They had many problems at there life, but they could pass there problems because of wife's wit.  It was nice story, and if you dont have any knowledge about such japanese period, but wou will be able to enjoy this movie ( I think)

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Bottle salad for lunch

Recently, my wife cook bottle salad for my lunch (also for breakfast.)

Many magazines for women, they introduce a style of lunch in there office.  Bottle salads are also a style of luche in office life.
Above salads are chicken salad. Bottle salad is layered as above. Each layer should keep isolated each other. It may be looked bad thing by first inspiration because sauce can not be mixed bely well. However, imagine, if you will eat this salad just after bottle, then you can mix very well similar with to put them on salad ball. However, this salad is cooked one night before to eat.

And the most important thing is how to keep cleanness in a bottle. Many books introduce boiling of a bottle. But it needs much time than nothing to do. Because we need to make boiled water and  put bottle inside water. Then cooling weel. Usually, we use kitchen alcohol spray for kitchen staffs. It is much easier than boiling water. And we also need to care about water from grasses. It makes condensation on a bottle. And it makes bacterium inside a bottle. So, we need to care for reducing empty spaces.

Mustard, wasabi or vinegars are good not only for sauces but also for reducing bacterium. And, grasses and sauces should be separated each other for reducing water from grasses. When we make this style of sald, we need to consider of layer of foodstaffs for keeping more than a night.  
We eat it not only for lunch but also for breakfast. For breakfast, we eat it in our room. So, we take them out from bottle to plate as following. that good for morning, too.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

D's Farm 2015

I have another topic what I want to write about software service......

But, it is different topic today.
One month ago, I starts to make my farm in balcony of our room. We already had 3 foliage plants in our room. But there are only for green in out room.  So, we start to make farm for herbs and vegetables in our balcony, because it was a golden week (national holidays' week in japan.)

So, I start to write blog articles about our farm.
This is the 1st writing about it.

Our farm has three pots for herbs and vegetable.
1st is three rosemaries and japanese pepper tree.
Usually, growing speed of rosemary is too slow, if we start from seed. I had an experience to do from seen when I was grad student. It was needed more than 2 years from seed to this size. So we bought rosemary sapling. The two of green rosemary, I bought them 2 weeks ago. And I bought last one  on more than one month ago. I put it smaller pot. But it did not take root well. Now, it become to recover. ( I hope it also begin to large)

2nd pot, I started it just before last winter. I put many seeds inside it. However, just after germinated there seed, winter came.....So, most of germinated plants was ended.....there were basil seeds. This year, I put some 30 days japanese radish seeds. Then it start to germinated well. And, some mints which I put seeds last year was also starting to germinate.

Last one, I put similar seeds as 2nd one. There are japanese radish seeds and carrots.

I need to put more sand around there seedling because the sand was decreased due to putting water.

I also started small pots.
One is broccoli seedling. it is easy to growing because we will eat them before growing well. Broccoli has rich vitamin

Friday, December 27, 2013

Compering maps

Today, I read a news which was about a service for map.

Recently, we use google, yahoo  or other maps on your computer and your mobile phone. I like there system, because I don't need to being any paper when I go some unknown places (in my country.) And, we can make virtual travel using the map.

The following link is point to a service for a map which you can compare current map in Japan and old days map in Japan at same screen. The current version has limitation for supported area, however you can check for big cities as Tokyo area, Osaka area and some others. (And the service is provided in Japanese. I don't think you don't need to be able to read japanese when you check the map in many situation. )

When you want to find new your house, you can check the old days' structure of ground. There are many earth quake in japan. So, if your new place were in a sea or river, then you will have many risks for living in your new house. In such situation, we can also use this service.

If you like to read novels about history, then you can role back to 100s years ago.

今昔マップ on the web:時系列地形図閲覧サイト|埼玉大学教育学部 谷謙二(人文地理学研究室):

'via Blog this'

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


I'm not specialist for security and I don't know very well about google authentication mechanism.

However, recently, many web sites use google authentication mechanism. It is good idea because the site administrator does not need to have clients' passwords. And, I also like using the services onto many web sites. It is for not only security but also easy to make new accounts.

However, some sites are support not only for desktop/ laptop service but also mobile clients. Yes, I also want to use there services from my mobile phone. However, in many cases, I need to input my login name and login password onto the mobile clients. Well..... I thought I don't need to input any password when I want to use there services, because I use google account. And, I don't have any password on the server, because I didn't create any password....

I think the mechanism is worth than not to use google account. Because some people who has no interest in computer use same passwords on many web site. If the site will get attack by malicious person, then he will lose not only the site account and data but also google login account. (Lose or have problem....) It is double attacked~_~;;;;;

And when I want to make password onto the site, there is so complex to find the place where I can set up my new password.... And..... I can not remember there passwords.......ToT

Well.....This blog got 30M people of access at last weekend since I made this blog. I was so surprised. Because I just started to write this blog for my hobby and for using english. Thank you so much for coming this blog.

Friday, March 01, 2013

security policy <--> system design <--> contents design

Last week end, I went to Tokyo for recruit activity.

After finishing everything, I met with my friend's couple. We enjoyed the time. And we went to showroom for a thing (I should not say more ^^;;;), because we had small time. Then the organization provides a terminal which introduce about their activities. I found security hall in the system, which comes from weak communication when they design the system. The system is following.

The system has only one input device, which is mouse. The system provides full screen web browser. The web browser is limited version for function.  The system has no keyboard. So, users can use only the limited web browser. And the organization uses twitter. The twitter account publishes about their activity with no link or link to inside of there contents. This meaning is that users can not exit from their contents. (usually....) If the system provides only above, then this system is completely perfect. However, the twitter's account profile links to another web site in their organization. And the page links to their facebook account. This is problem. Usually, if user publish something onto facebook and some other user push like button, then all users can go his/her personal timeline on facebook from a list what provide a users who push like button. Even if the organization did not publish any links to other site, however the system user can go out to 3rd parties' page. If the time line has malicious link then the site will have problems.

This problem comes from communication miss. (I think.) There is 4 pages. Homepage on the system, twitter, other official page, and facebook. The system designer considered about only homepage showing. Accidentally, the homepage designer needed to link to their twitter account. And, the twitter account manager was different team from the system manager team. And (maybe) the twitter manager did not know the twitter is linked from such limited system. Then the team linked other official page. Sure, the page manager clearly don't know first homepage. The team linked both of twitter and facebook account for promoting. If at least one engineer or manager knew every services then the error was not occurred.....

When I saw the site, I really felt scared. The system itself, the organization considered about security. However, the contents management can easy break the security policy, if they don't have security concern.......

(maybe) I will write mail to them about this problem.......If I have time and stamina  ^^;;;;;

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How to install stencil to OmniGraffle, when the installing is not work correctly.

Yesterday, I fought with installation of OmniGraffle Stencils.
OmniGraffle is designing tool for diagrams, website elements, and graphics. This tool is strong for them on MacOSX.

Stencils are set of clip arts for omnigraffle. In default, OmniGraffle has enough stencils, but you can DL from following site, too. I wanted to use some specific clip arts, so I try to find them from following site.

When I downloaded UML2 collection from the site, the package was wrapped with ZIP. So, I unziped it. Then the file has no extension. Usually, we just need to double click the downloaded file for installing the stencils. When I double clicked the file, Mac OSX detect the file to open with XML editer. I tried something for installing it. But it was not working include manual installing.

Today, I downloaded other stencil form the site. Then the file has an extension as "gstencil". And, I could install the stencil with double click.  Finally, I tried to add extension as "gstencil" for UML2 collection file, then OSX detected correctly.

Saturday, October 06, 2012

How to use several virtual desktop on osx (linon)?

Usually, I used two or more virtual desktop on mac osx (before snowleopard). Commonly, we can use virtual desktop using "control and right or left arrow button."
However, after the lion, i could not find any virtual desktop. Today, I find this virtual desktop function on lion. On default, there is only one virtual desktop. When you press F3 button, you will be able to see all windows at same time. On this screen, you will see + button top and left side of the screen, when you move mouse cursor to the point. Then click the button. You will be able to use several other virtual desktop.

For the removing the optional virtual desktops, you just need to push x button on the list of virtual desktop on the top of screen.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

about the radio program in this morning

Official page : Eva Aine

Eva Aine (

I listened to her music over the radio, when I drove this morning.
I didn't know about her, but I like her voice.

She was born in Washington state. But she spoke in japanese in the radio. She said in the radio program, most musics are in english but almost 30% of her musics are in japanese.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Doraemon wii be born at 100 years later

Doraemon is one of the most famous anime in japan.  Doraemon came(?) for helping one kid who has so weak heart (spirit?). Doraemon helps the kid using many items from future.

He will be born just 100 years' later from Today (Yesterday 3/9).


Google start to provide following. If you have an android phone, you can use voice search. When you ask "droemo~~~n" using the voice searching tool, you will be able to see something ^^ And, if you are an iPhone user, then u need to download  the search app. You can download from the page.
Doraemon mirai (future) search

Wednesday, August 29, 2012 for osx : official client comes

   There are many cloud strage services in the world. For example, Dropbox, suger sync, google drive and

   Today, I focus to Because, lately, started to provide a new version of client for Mac OSX. The previous version's client of for OSX had many limitation. The largest problem was that the client can not sync between local strage and The previous version could just mount as ftp servers and add or remove from the system. It was big limitation for using cloud stile of strage.

  However, the strongest part of is strage size. Now, I can use 50GB for free. So, I didn't want to remove this account. On another side, it was difficult to manage data on Mac OSX. Because I needed to access from web browser to then to upload file from the interface on web browser.

  Now, the lastest version of client for starts the sync function on OSX. So, I try to use new version.

  My stile for cloud strage is following. I use cloud strage for my work and private. For the working use, I use dropbox. Because many of my known people are using dropbox. So, dropbox is very easy way to share the documents with other workers, when we collaborate with others. And, dropbox can keep histories for each file for versioning. This meaning is when we get some problems on local, however we can rollback to previous version, when the documents were stable.  For the private use, I use suger sync. Because, there are few users around me. So, I cannot share the documents with other workers. However, suger sync is also good cloud strage as dropbox. So, I use suger sync for my personal uses.

  Now, my suspecting was the cloud strage is safe or not. Because even if the cloud strage makes backup many times, however the no system is perfect. Sometime, the system has bug, or the system has fuman error. Recently, some of cloud strage service was crashed because of human error. Then all of data was unrescuable  states. Luckily, I didn't use the service. But it is not only thing.

  So, I want to backup's back up to other site. Dropbox and suger sync are provides less than 20GB for free. And provides 50GB strage for free. It is possible to make full copy on Because of above reason, I try to use client for Mac OSX.

  Installation is very clear. I was not confused any point. When I put some file on the synchronized directory, the client started to synchronizing automatically. The synchronizing speed is almost same as dropbox ( I didn't evaluate anything. Just my experience)

  Weak points of this client is following.
I cannot move any files or directory inside the synchronized directory. If oyou want to move files or directories what are inside the synchronized directory, you need unsync from web browser at once. Then I can move there files or directories. After moving there, I can set active for the sync function. So, first design of directory structure is little bit difficult. But, after making such structures, It will be OK( I think, now.) From the above reason, after moving files, the client remove all files at once then redownload them again to correct directory. If your computer has HDD then it is ok, however if your computer has only SSD then I was worried about this.... Writing time is so big.

  I try to continue to use this client, then I will re-review of this client after I'll use very well.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Bicycle insurance in japan

Long time, I was considering about bicycle insurance.

Many japanese are not consider about insurance for bicycle in japan. Because japan is weak country for insurance.

Many people considered about when they are attacked by car. They didn't have an idea what they may be going to be individual at fault. However, road bikes are faster than my MTB. And, many of city bikes do not turn on a head light after sunset. The old person has also no idea what the bicycles can ride so fast as 50cc motar bike. Then they easy enter in front of bicycles. Such kind of accident is not few in japan. And, the worst case of such accident, the road bike rider needed to pay 40 millions yen to attacked person.

Bicycle ride's bad manner have begun to social issues. Some bicycle riders do not follow the traffic lights or traffic signs. In such background, sometime, I have risks what I will be attacked by such bicycle riders when I ride my MTB. However, as above reason, many riders have no insurance for riding sports bike or city bikes. In such case, I will need to use my insurance.

Because of above things, I was finding an insurance for bicycle. Then I asked about this insurance to the owner of bicycle shop. He said there was insurance for bicycles before 2005. However, the insurance was finished by some reasons. The largest reason is that the price needs to low. Because many customers were injured person or had small accidents. However, total number of accidents were not small. And another reason is the law of insurance. Before 2005, the bicycle shop owners could sell an insurances to there customers. However, now, they need some licenses for insurance selling. Then many of bicycle shop owners could not sell. By such reasons, bicycle insurance was removed by insurance corporations.

So, how can i get it?
Now, we have three choice.
1. If you have private insurance for car driving, then you can add the option for riding bicycles. This support space is not only for you but also your families. Many corporations need another price for this option. However, Nihon-koua-sonp (name of insurance corporation) do not change the price for this option. Luckily, I have been this insurance before I knew. If you have a car, then this is the most reasonable way to have insurance for bicycle.

2. Some insurance corporation provides an insurance for bicycle riding. However, the price of this insurance is not cheep for bicycle insurance. (the owner said)

3.Last way is maintenance insurance by the organization of bicycle. This insurance is only way what you can get it from bicycle shop. This insurance is for good maintained bicycle. This good point is you can get not only insurance but also maintained your bicycle by shop. The price is 8000 jpy (I'm not sure, I forget exact price. ) However, the insurance has a upper bound of limitation for the payment. And same as car insurance by law, the payment is for the opposite side (injured person.) However, at least you can pay for it.

The owner said that the government makes infrastructure on the road for bicycle for separating from walker or car driver (dependent of the traffic condition). However, they don't focus to the insurance even if the traffic accident is not small numbers. Same as 50cc motar bike, bicycle environment should also have an insurance by law at least for injured person. However, for that, the low should obligate the helmet wearing. This two thing will kill the freeness of bicycle. So, it is difficult choice. I agree ^^

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

PET bottle tea

There are many kind of tea in the world. Japanese also drink many kind of teas. Maccya is one of the famous japanese tea. Usually, many kind of teas are filtered for preparing. Maccya is used tea leaves powder. So, we can drink tea leaves themselves, too.

Well, as a title of this post, there are many kind of tea what is bottles into PET bottles. We can easy to find them in convenience stores. Usually, the pet bottle tea is already filtered.  The filtered tea bottles are also tasty. But I like following product's both of taste and idea.

The bottle has capsule inside the cap. Can you see the cap of this bottle? This cap is much longer than usual PET bottle. And inside of the cap has a tea leaves powder as next picture. And, the body has just water. It is usual water until we open the bottle cap.

This picture is about cut plane of cap.
The dark green part is hard cap. And white part is mouth of bottle. Light green part is the powder.

Next picture is about the real documents how to open and drink this tea.

This is overview and next three pictures are detail of parts of the picture.

 1. Open the cap of this bottle. Then the capsule can be separated from the cap.

2.Then the capsule follow down into water.

3. You just need good shaking the bottle until the powder inside a cap will be melted in water.

If you have interest in drinking tea then you also know the relation between taste of tea and the time from prepare. The taste will be decreased time by time. So, just after to be prepared tea is much better than the tea what is prepared 10 hours ago. Like as above, we can drink the tea what is prepared just before to drink.

I like this idea ^^

Monday, August 13, 2012

Photo : Android, Dropbox, Google+

Almost all of week end, I ride my MTB in the city. I want to try real mountain, but I have no known person who can go mountain with me. ^^;;

Well, to take photo with cycling is also interesting thing, when i ride. And to make write blog makes me fun. I write it in japanese on other server.

Usually, I use two cameras for taking photo. One is cheep digital camera. Using digital camera can take good quality of photo. And, I can use big size of storage. The cpu on camera is specialized for taking photo.  Another one is my mobile phone.  The quality of processor for taking photo is not so good on mobile phone. However, it is good for taking sun. When we use good quality camera, every light effect is computed by processor. It is good. But, when we use mobile phone then we can take sun with light line or cross. The mobile phone does not compute such light effect, so we can take an amazing interest photo.

Other reason of using mobile phone is data transfer. When we use digital camera, we need to take off the sd card from digital camera then put it into sd card slot on computer. Yes, some sd card can send photos through wifi. But it is expensive. On another hand, when we take photo with mobile phone and the mobile phone has dropbox then the mobile phone automatically syncing with doropbox. When we turn on our computer, the photos can downloaded to the computer automatically. And the photo is also uploaded to google+. Google+ has unlimited strage size for uploading photos. And we can easy share the photos to our friends, public domain and others. For taking the view for the city or nature when i ride mtb, I don't need zoom function. So, my xperia ray has enough resolution for taking such views.

Because of above reason, I uses two different camera when i take my MTB.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

SNS : publishers - subscribers

Recently, many kind of SNS are released.

Some of japanese go out to SNS what provides the service for world wide as FB, Twitter and Google+.  Well, google provides two different SNS. One is Google+ and another one is Youtube. Youtube live is provided from google+ hangout.

The view from connectibility of users they are two different thing. Facebook can allow only bidirectional connection between users. You can follow some page with like button, but it is little bit difference. Twitter and google+ can allow the one way connection between users.  This difference comes from the view of publisher and subscribes , i think. On twitter and google+, publisher wants to describe something to others. But, the publisher don't want to care about who has interest in the published contents. If the user has interest in the contents then the user will subscribe the publisher. On the facebook, the publisher want to tell something to his friends. So, the main target of subscriber is publisher's friends. The subscriber checks the new post from his friends. On the google+, publisher can select the subscribers' group for each post. And, subscribers subscribe the publishers' posts. I think google+ can take the good points of facebook and twitter.

Well, I follow(subscribe) some famas people on SNS. Some of them are private and others are for business. When I follow some business account users, they refollow to me. I think this is natural behavior. Some of famas people who are famas in world wide and i haven't met with them, they just publish some information to the subscribers. I think it is also natural, because this is usual publisher/subscriber model. The interesting point is next case. When I follow some famas people who is japanese and famas in japan. I don't know why but some of such kind of people resubscribe me, even if i don't provide any information and we haven't met each other.  

In some community, the resubscribing works as social manner. I was surprised about this culture. Because, for me, i subscribe some people, because i have interest in the publisher's post(topics). 

I found new usage of SNS connections. ^^;;; Because, in my opinion, to publish some information and subscribe some topics should be separated. Even if the system separates the view, however some people follow the other standard from other network. ( I don't know this is good thing , not good thing or just culture gap )

I should go to bed ^^;;; I become to miss what i am writing on this post because of my current sleepy feeling ^^

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wasabi Ginger Ale

Last sunday, I went to cycling with my friend.

After finishing to ride, we entered to convenience store. Then we found a strange bottle. The bottle is named wasabi ginger ale!!!
What????? Wasabi + Ginger ale????

We tried to drink this. This drink has strong ginger taste. I like this strong ginger taste, actually.

Well..... where is a wasabi????

I drank little bit more......

I can not find the taste of wasabi......

Maybe...... 30 seconds later from drinking, I could feel small smell of wasabi.....
I think the ginger taste was too strong for wasabi smell..... ~_~;;;

Friday, July 20, 2012

SonyEricsson xperia ray ICS ver.

I reviewed little bit about sony ericsson Xperia ray, when I update from GB to ICS.

Well, from the beginning, one of the problem on my phone is the function of phone call. This is not only for ICS but also for GB. Because, for me, the largest application is address book. Usually, I use default address book app. When I start up the address book app, it is ok. First problem is scrolling. Sometime, the app gets a crash, when i try to scroll down my address book. And second one is when i try calling. When I call someone, I open address book then I choose one of elements in list. when the time, the state changing from address book to calling has more than 3 seconds. I don't know why it is happened. But, it is one of big problem for me.... because it is mobile phone...... ~_~;;;

I think next topic is related with above thing. The next topic is about memory (RAM.) I think(not sure, because i forget) the xperia ray has 512MB of ram.  The real usable size of ram is 340MB. It was enough big size for the first 2-3 month. However, there are many new app released every month. And, I installed 3-4 new app for each month. When the free ram size became less than 100MB, the response performance began to quite bad. Usually, I refreshed the memory and killed background processes. However, it was not enough for this 2-3 weeks. ( I think I need to change the priority policy for some of apps "I don't know it is possible or not, now")

My recommendation for choosing new android mobile phone ( if you have some coice and you don't know which one is better) is that you should choose the device what the ram size is as large as possible.

Well. my meaning is not xperia ray is bad. I like this mobile phone. It is so light and easy to use. The camera and screen quality is quite nice. (I don't use, but) the sound environment is also good. If you don't install too much applications then the  response speed is also good.  Now, i don't want to change my mobile phone ^^

I want to change my android tablet, because it is enough old for real usage..... But, before to get new tablet, I want to change my MTB, too. I use my current MTB for 8-9 years. So, many parts will have problems (or already had problem but i didn't fined it.) So, i am thinking that to get new one is also one way ^^;;;

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Android :: speed

   Usually, our system becomes speed (performance) down, when we install many application. We can say same thing onto our android phone.

   Some of my friends also said same thing. In this post, I did not any evaluate about anything. All of my writing in this post is only from my experience and feeling.

  Many case, the performance down on android comes from RAM space. I used task manager for this problem 2years ago. And some people do it. Well, I found one thing. We can control the task execution because of the application. However, many of android task managers are executed as background process. Such kind of application will be one factor for speed down.  I removed such kind of background executed task manager.

  This is my result to use android mobile phone. The problem for speed down is application cache and background executed process.  So, I use two application.

  First application is app2sd. The main feature of app2sd is move application from phone strage to sd card. However, app2sd has another function. The function is cleaning cache. When we use android device for long time, then many application store many cache. So, app2sd can remove them.
Usually, I use above app.  (I think this is japanese version. But in english is also exist. I have used this app in english. However, current market show me only japanese version....) ** Be careful!!!! In the market, some app has same or similar apps. However, I have read that some of them works strange (attack) to your computer in some forum. You should check the app review before to use the app.

  Second, I use task killer named Simple Task Killer.  Task killer can categorize two class. One is only app and another one is executed as background process. When I started to use android phone, I used background executable task killer. However, background executable app also eats the ram space. And the app begin to bottle neck. So, I removed such kind of apps. However, usually, an android mobile phone will have many background processes and became to low speed. So, we need to kill some tasks. And, i started to use task killer without background execution.  My android tablet has preinstalled task manager, so i use it.
(sorry, but my using app is in japanese....)

 Third, I use memory booster. Memory booster meaning is (maybe) garbage collector. Small ram is a big problem for android devices. So, I use MemoryBooster. This app can release the ram space and also can kill tasks. I don't know why but there are different set of tasks are shown. So, I use both of them.

I wrote this blog 1-2 month ago. And I stopped to write half of this. My dashboard has many this kind of half written blogs ^^;;;;;

Don't update ubuntu from old version to 12.04LTS

As the title, I think you should not update from old version of Ubuntu to latest version of ubuntu.

Yes, if you customize so much and to re-customize is quite difficult then you can not avoid update.  However, if you do not customize so much then you should remove current installed ubuntu and cleaninstall the latest version. The reason is following.

From 08.04, I had many troubles for ubuntu update especially X configuration. I use 4 different ubuntu desktop and 2 virtual computer on vmware. Only on vmware's ubuntu can be update safely. My friend is also using ubuntu. However, his computer also had many troubles. He using some server software on ubuntu. So, he did want to update from zero. And his computer got crash before x started. He used some days for repair that problem. For me, many of computers are only for desktop except one computer. So, usually, I update them and got crash then I remove them and reinstall from zero. Because, I don't want to use time for repair the os. When I started to use ubuntu, i tried to repair my computer. However, it needed too much time.....

And, recently, ubuntu changed default desktop from GNOME to Unity. Like as Windows and mac os, unity is target to tablet pc, too. But, same as others OS, the UI for computer is quite bad. Using way for fingers and mouse is quite opposite(different?) way. So, to use unity with mouse is very difficult. And, from some versions ago, ubuntu stop to use xorg.conf. And, there are many different documents and many different way to solve the problem in the internet. If we will be able to follow one way then it may work. But, i cannot remember what did i do half years ago. And, the system became to unstable state....

Like as above, continuing to use ubuntu only with update is (sometime) difficult.

Actually, I try one computer to update from 11.10 to 12.04. It worked. But the behavior was not stable. So, I reinstall the OS also for that computer. Then the computer become to stable. My personal opinion, Ubuntu 12.04 is the most stable version in the history of ubuntu (except unity). So, to cleaninstall have a merit for you, too.

Friday, May 18, 2012

My dashboard

There are many pre-posts what I wrote bit but not completed in my dashboard ^^;;;

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS : review

I tried to use Ubuntu 12.04 from last week.

For the total view, I think 12.04 is the most stable version except default desktop. This meaning is that if you will clean-install from zero then the system is so stable.

I tried to update from 11.10 to 12.04. The updating was completed. But it was not stable especially x-windows system. Usually, I work on ubuntu and intelli-j. So, x-windows system's problem is critical for me ^^;;

Finally, I formated the system partition and reinstall 12.04 from zero. And, I changed window manager to GNOME, then the system became quite good. Before 11.10, my computer could not find sound board. ( my computer has one sound card, one onboard sound card, and one USB sound card) I think my computer could know the usual sound card when i installed 10.04(?). However, after some updating, the system could not find any sound card. So, I gave up to setting up and I bought new USB sound card. However, it was not worked on my computer, too.  However, when I installed 12.04, the machine made boot sound just after install it. It made my surprised.

I don't know the problem is from my graphic board or Ubuntu. But, it is difficult to play flv or mp4 file. (because, my video card is only PCI-Express x1).

For the multimedia machine, I consider to buy one small pc for playing them..... Windows? mint linux? or some others?

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Xperia ray (ST18i) : GB ---> ICS

I use Xperia ray (ST18i).
Xperia ray has multiple type of versions.
I know JP version, US, North europa, Asia, and china.

And, I know JP version is one of the worst version for new release because of economic and political reason. So, I bought from hong kong. However, china version also had different meaning of political reason. I thought it is good for SIM free version. However, the bad point is that the phone cannot access to google account even if it is android phone. So, i decided to flash the rom from 2.3 to 4.0. I used official rom for north europa version. Many sites explain how to change rom. So, I don't do this. This time, I got friend's help. Because, the rom flashing too is provided for Windows or Linux. I have linux machines but it has many risks for flashing rom with linux machine.

I thought that I should wait for real release for my phone. The first release was last april for US version. And, I waited almost 1 month. However, it could not get new release. This meaning is that the version has more complex implementation than common release. This meaning is the version of ICS also cannot access to GooglePlay, google map with my account. youtube with my account, etc. So, I changed....

The largest change is setting up menue. For the GB users, I think ICS's interface of OS setting up is version down. It is more difficult to use there menue. However, most of android is not so difference. I can use many think as GB. The response quality is not so difference. I don't know why but I think the resolution for width is larger than before rom. The using way, I feel this version of rom is wider than before. On the before rom, my phone could not fined my mp3 files from my sd card.

Now, I can use google play, gmail, gtalk, youtube, map, navi and etc... This change was so big for my smartphone life.

The bad thing is camera function. The quality is almost same. But, the UI became worth than before.

And, I set up the AP. First time, I added AP information. And, it was working when the time. After that, I wanted change the MMS information. Then suddenly my phone  could not connect to 3G network. I didn't find this problem. Because, I uses wifi on may time in my house. When I went to biking, I found this problem.  The solution of this problem is simple. 1. you need to remove previous setting. 2. Create new AP setting up. And put correct infomation.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Review :: Google Drive

  The first day when the google drive was released I try to use google drive. Actually, I thought I will not use google drive any more. Because, it has only 5GB strage for free and the provided client package for OSX was not work. And it was also difficult to manage the files from web browser.  The initial state, my home space had many files and directories what I created on google doc, google note, and etc. Actually, I didn't want to see them on this strage.....~_~;;;
  Today, I try to install the google drive client for osx again. The client can be installed to my MacBookAir Lion. And, it works well. My personal opinion, the setting screen of sync policy has many spaces to improve. It is not so easy to understand. Finally, I removed all my data from my space. Because, I checked the select box what is only sync some folders to this computer. And, I sync them and I moved them into trash box ^^;;; Happily, I didn't need them. 

  Well, the client of google drive is almost same spec with Dropbox or SugerSync. I cannot fined some special point on client. The sync speed is also similar with both of them.  I didn't touch it with offline, so i don't know when i will touch them when my computer has no network communication. When this time, I thought I got only the new online strage.

  After upload some files, I try to access to google drive from web browser. After this timing, I could know the strong point of google drive. When I open some jpeg file from google drive, it is so wide and clear. Usually, the claim to network drive service is too small or so difficult to see the files data.

I added many files to It is one of the cloud note service as Evernote. Evernote had big crient software but the response was so heavy. can be accessed from web browser or client software on mobile devices(Android, ios, etc). I added many files to it. Because, has no maximum file capacity. I can upload files 70MB/Month.  The good point of is maximum capacity. It is the most point. But, to check file on web browser, it is so small to do it..... 

But, google device does not have such problem.  I think I will use not only but also goodle drive. I need to make some using stile of there cloud services efficiently ^^

Monday, March 12, 2012

Smart phone app and disaster

 I already wrote about following in some place.
 And, I also wrote this in japanese first. Because, I wanted to know about this for japanese engineers.

 Many of u know the earth quake in japan, it was occurred one years ago. And, many of online services was developed or tested for such kind of disaster attacked.  Before the earth quake, I had claim weak buttery on smart phone. In the place where is attacked by disaster, it needs more than one weeks for recovering the infrastructure. However, current mobile phone especially mobile phone can be used only half day to 2 days. It is not enough in such situation. It is enough to call at least one know person. It is one opinion. However, in many case, it is also impossible to call one phone call to known person due to the network traffic jam.

On another hand, facebook tested a online service what we can tell our life through the facebook, when disaster will be happened. Well.... the last version of this service was needed to access to facebook. In the real place where is attacked by disaster, it is difficult to connect to facebook with 3G network. And this behavior will make bigger traffic to mobile phone network than phone calling.

I think it is enough to push only one button from smartphone app. This meaning is that facebook already separate messenger from facebook app. As this, facebook or someother web service provider can make independent application for there web services. And the button pushed will send minimum information to server using as sim id or phone number. My image is similar with "whatsapp". It is based on mobile phone number. But, the service should save the communication size. Yes, users must download the application before the disaster.

On another hand, the OS for mobile phone should be changed, too. I think mobile phone should have super power save mode. If i was in the power critical situation, I don't need to receive the phone call on demand. SMS, too. We just need to get there information as pull model. Current smart phones are attacking to mobile phone network with too much packets. In such critical situation, we don't want such a useful application. There application should be stopped in such situation. The scheduler in OS also need to changed for saving power.  I think this function is not used in usual situation. It will be needed in special situation. And, I think we should to keep mobile phone's turning on  as long as possible. If it is possible, then the service should accept from phone call from public phone. The earliest service was public phone.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Player/stage javalient3 (Sorry, this post has no new information)

Player/Stage, javaclient3 was released.
Actually, I didn't know about it untile this year.

You can get the javaclient from

You can get the some sample code from

It has many new elements. I will write a sample code and compile way, later.
I DL them from CVS. CVS version has no ant file. So, I need to import to IDE or to write ant file for compiling.

Kindle cloud reader

Today, my chrome app pool has new app. Actually, I think it is installed automatically.... I'm not sure but I have no memory to install the app. The app is provided by amazon. Name of the app is "Kindle cloud reader". I installed kindle app to my mac. However, by this installation, i could delete the kindle app from my mac. Actually, I will not be able to read any books on my mac, when I go out. However, when that time, I'll have my nexus one and tablet. Both of them have the kindle app.

Now, I try to buy some book with free cost. (it's very nice that i can get some kind of knowledge by free. But, I'm weak for english, so it is hard to read them for me.) And try to read it. Usually, I didn't use kindle app on my mac. because, I needed to boot special app for reading app. But, now, I don't need to boot any special app only needing is to push app on chrome. I read some pages. I'm reading "what is Node". I cannot explain about this book, yet. Because I just started to read.

The review of kindle cloud reader is following. This is so easy to read. I think this is because of resolution of my computer. But the character is so clear and the book part is so wide. So, wide space for books are quite nice. However, the height is not enough. I'm using MacBookAir13inc. When I use this mac for reading book, total number of lines for a page is so small.  I could read 20-25 lines for each page. Yes, it is enough easy to read. However, it is little bit difficult to read some technical books what I wanted to check body of sentence and some figure. I need to change pages more than paper based book.

And, the books are synchronized between tablet, smartphone and cloud reader. So, I can read it with out stable network, too. This is another good point for me.

In total elements, I like this tool. And I will use it in my house, in my desk, in cafe, and some other place where I wants to use.

Japan is too late for book market. I think one of big reason is economical thing. However, If the authors and printers consider more for business model, e-book has good market power. They should change mind more.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My style using cloud storages

My main working machine is Mac OSX snow leopard. I'm using also android mobile phone, android tablet and linux desktops. The big problem for using claude strage is supports for platform, public policy and size of strage.

Dropbox is one of the famous claud strage. The lient software for Dropbox has good functionality, even if it is free uses. However, Dropbox is weak for strage size. Yes, Dropbox has more than enough functionalities. And we can use dropbox for free. If you want to use larger strage size then you can pay. The size for free users can use 2GB. And you can pay for 50GB or 100GB. The amount of cost is not so big. But, it can make dammages for students life, even if it is small amount of costs. 

On another hand,, N-Drive, SkyDrive and UbuntuDisk (I'm not sure the correct name?) are also good strage services what we can use for free, too. 

My private opinion, is also good cloud service. can use 50GB for free. And has good web interface. However, the client for on mac osx is not good. Before version 3.0.1, the client didn't work on OSX (snowleopard). Now, it works on OSX. However, the client's UI is not user friendly. It is difficult to use. And for the synchronization between cloud strage and local strage, we need to pay every year as dropbox. I can say both of and Dropbox are good service and it is enough cheep cost for using there good services, if i'm working.... ^^;

SkyDrive is provided by microsoft. Users can use same account with hotmail. It is one of the good thing. But, my private opinion, same as Picasa by google, I don't want to upload my private and important data to there. Because, I'm not sure about the publication policy. I makes many mistake. If i will make mistake to setup the publication policy for my private documents..... However, they are good for uploading the photos. Especially , SkyDrive can be used 25GB of storage. it is more than good for web photo storage. And Google services can be used 1GB for pictures and 1GB another storage for documents. And, SkyDrive may not have client application for MacOSX.

N-Drive can access using WebDAV. For the accessing to use WebDAV, N-Drive is more stable than (this is before to be released ver. 3.0.2( we needed to access with webdav)  
* actually, I didn't know about this. But, in the internet, there are two different N-Drive with similar service. My meaning is the service provided by NAVER. 
This is good for android tablet, too.

Ubuntu one is similar service with Dropbox. We can sync data between cloud and local directory. But, it has weak for platform. They support only for Ubuntu, Android, iOS, and Windows. They don't support to OSX..... With out this point, UbuntuOne is also one of the good choice to use cloud data management.

Like as this, even if we have many cloud account on the ineternet. however, to use them with samething is difficult. ZeroPC can solve it. ZeroPC looks like online OS. The service can transfer the data from one cloud to other cloud. Current version is 2.0. The support cloud is following., Dropbox, Evernote, Facebook, Flickr, Google Docs, Instagram, Picasa and SugarSync
Now, it is not support for UbuntuOne and N-Drive. However, For free account. ZeroPC also have limitation for data transfer. We can transfer 1GB/ month.  However, if we use Dropbox for sync with local and claud and to use ZeroPC as bridge then we have some other big claud strage. It is not the most convenient way  and sometime we feel lazy about this way.  We need to consider something about them. But, it is one way to use multiple claud on many devices. 

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

USB server

I went to working trip at last weekend. In that trip, I could buy an USB server.
USB server is like as converter from USB HDD to NAS. We just need to plug power cable, LAN cable and USB cable. And after small setting up, it will work as NAS (Network attached strage).

Following URL is the USB server what I bought. (in japanese) 3,000 jpy

I try to use this usb server in my house. I had some point where I though little bit for setting up.
client environment:
MacOSX (Snow leopard)
Ubuntu 11.10

The default network setting up is
Some of network uses different network address, so you need to change ip for your computer as fixed address. Then you can access this server from Firefox or chrome.
The server ask the login user name and password for setting up. You dont need to connect direct between your computer and usb-server. You just need to plug to netwrok hub for both of them.

First you need to change the IP address to fix to your LAN environment. If you will use DHCP client, then you need to use an application what is added in CD-ROM. the application can find your USB server on your netwrok by automatically. Then you will be able to know the new address for USB server. The application is in the for OSX directory, You can copy to your mac or linux machine. It is jar file (I forgot the exact name, because I already change the name of jar file....) Yes. it is jar file. you can execute it on any machine if it has java environment. Then you can reaccess to the server.

I turned off the FTP service for security, And I turned on samba access. And I made my private user for accessing samba service.

When you change settings, be careful for saving button, It is too difficult to understand the button for saving due to the interface design problem, if i can understand japanese. I tried more than three time on some of step because I pushed some other save button...... I hate this kind of complex ui......

Well, I tried to use it.
From OSX, the work is fine. I can use it as usual nas. And the transfer speed is base 100. So, it is good.
When I access to ubuntu (classic gnome environment) had bit problem. When I access to this server, the work is fine. And I transefer some small files it fine, too. But, when I sent some complex data structure, the system load becomes to high and stop.......I think it is default file manager or my setting problem. I need to consider more for /etc/fstab

Strange SSID

Yesterday, I backed from working trip. To my house from rail line and bus top, I need to walk for 20 - 30 minuts. In this season, it has strong snow storm. And the road for walker has too much snow as 20- 30 cm. It is too difficult to walk such a distance with laptop and some many things. So, I was picked up by my friend by his car.
After taking dinner, we went to a cafe. And we worked 30-60 minutes with coffee. He said "Oh, here we can use WiFi in this cafe! Because I saw a seal what we can use WiFi here." So, we tried to use WiFi. (we cannot use any network in that. I don't know why....) When that time, I was surprised because of name of SSID. I forget exact name but it was following.
Actually, in the cafe, it has another SSID named freeSPOT. First I tried normal "freeSPOT". But it did not work. And he said that the seal said password is password. However, i have no idea that the strange SSID is correct or not. Because in the cafe, I could find some other strange name like as some default name as (001D3FNDSJI)

I was considering something..... At that time, he tried that strange SSID. It could be accessable with that password "password". So, i also tried it, too.
It was also strange network. I cannot access to any site. But the DSN setting was correct. So, I can send ping to my uni. with no response. But I got correct ip address. First time to see this ssid, I thought it is fake or malicious network........

There are many WiFi services and different membership model. So, I don't follow any service of access point. So, I don't know that such kind of SSID is common or not.... but it was strange for me...........