Wednesday, October 07, 2015

2015 09 : Trip to Europa : Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany : Opening version

Last two week,we were in trip to North Europa and Germany from 21/09/2015 to 03/10/2015.
We had many experience and got many cultural gap between europa and japan.
So, I will write about them from next my post not only in english (here) but also in japanese (on another blog)
Our trip overview is following.
21 Sept.           Narita (Japan) ----> Copenhagen (denmark) ------> Helsinki (Finland)
  the day was only for moving from japan to north europa.  scandinavia airline.
22 Sept -23      Helsinki
23 Sept - 24     Helsinki  ---> Stockholm (Sweden)
   We use Silija ( ) for for moving.
   It is night cruise from 17:00 to 9:30. And we met with my friend at the morning.
24 Sept - 26    Stockholm
26 Seot           Stockholm ---> Copenhagen (Denmark) 
   scandinavia airline
26 Sep - 28     Copenhagen
28 Sept           Copenhagen ---> Hamburg (germany) ---> Frankfurt (germany)
   We used railway for moving. (ICE). From Copenhargen to Frankfurt, we need to change train on Hamburg. So, we stopped on Hambrug and sightseeing  for half of day. And we move to Frankfrut.
29 Sept            Frankfurt ---> Keln (Germany) ---> Frankfurt
    We made day trip to Keln by railway for not only sightseeing but also for meeting with my friend.
30 Seot.              Frankfurt
30 Sept               Frankfurt ---> Bilen (Denmark) 
    We move to Bilen airport by air plain on last flight, We went LegoLand
1 Oct               Bilen ---> Copenhagen
    We stay bilen for several hours and then move to Copenhagen by train (IC)
2 Oct               Copenhagen ----> Narita
    Our flight was around noon. So, we went to airport earlier and then play in airport.

Like above, I will write some events which were happened on the trip from next post

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Find old stile of Tokyo

We found old stile of japan in tokyo, when we walked around Kagurazaka Wikipedia Kagurazaka

Like as above, the views are imagined as a seen of edo period.

And such small street, there is many small restaurants. like following photos. I think there are so expensive restaurants around there......~_~;;;;

And main street of Kagurazaka, there is a taiyaki shop. Taiyaki is a japanese sweets which is used red beans. If you like sweets and beans, I think you like this sweet. Taiyaki is so hot, because it is cooked just before serving. taiyaki wikipedia

Saturday, September 05, 2015

Deers, Nara

Nara is one of a the most famous sightseeing area in japan. It is very historical city as kyoto. But nara is much older city in japan to compare with kyoto.
There is many temples, ancient tomb ............ and deers.  In some case and some area, deers are tagged as harmful animal. Because they eat many agricultural products and skin of trees. However, in Nara, deers are protected by law in the nara local government. I dont remember very well, but because deers are pet of one of budda,

Deers can be stay freely. And some sellers who provide food for deers  are  around Todaiji (the largest daibutu in japan). Deers already know that tourists give foods to deers. So, deers come to tourists for getting foods, even if a tourist do not have any foods. And if deers detect that the tourist do not have any foods then deers stopping to come ^^;;; they know very well

Some people who has kids were worried to bring your kinds to around deers. Because deers have strong horns for fighting. However, basically, most deers that have strong feeling are cut there horns by Nara governent staff for safety. So, if you do not make big and noisy action to deers, most case you are not have problem. However, be careful your tourism map and guide book. Deers take your papers and eat......~_~;;;

Thursday, September 03, 2015

Photo quality of cameras : Mobile phone vs Digital camera

I have a plan to go trip for bit long period. And, we are considering to take photo and make trip blogs and vlogs.

In such condition, we are considering how many cameras do we need more. Actually, to add more is not realistic ^^; So, we reconsider how our cameras we will be able to use.

Today, I compare my digital camera which I use when I go to cycling (this mean that I don't feel so sad even if it is broken) and mobile phone's camera quality.
I wrote about sea zoo last time. We took many photos and videos using 2 digital cameras and two mobile phones. So, I use there photos, now.

1st, I add photos which is take to use mobile phone..
This shot is not so bad. This is enough usable on my blog. 

But, this is not clear..... there are large glass and large volume of water between us. We can know what is that. but it is not enough clear...

Source of light is from opposite side. I think this shot is much better than digital camera. Because a photo which is take digital camera is take more clearly. This seen is looked more mysterious.

I think we can enough use mobile phone for taking photo for blog. But, we also need to pick good photos when we select seen. So, we should take much more photo than digital camera. I think it is not bad. 

And followings are taken to use digital camera

To compare with photos which are taken mobile phone, the photo is much more clear. We can see light clearly even if the source of light is opposite side.

I use zoom function. But, the photo is clear.  Speed of shutter is much faster than mobile phone. So we can take much more photos for a seen. However, it is more difficult to keep focus than mobile phone. I missed many seen when I want to take photo. because the camera could not make focus and I retry to make focus. I retry to do several times, finally the fish go far place.

One of my result of camera choosing is my cheap digital camera and mobile camera are enough to take photo on trip.

However, i did not check videos. So, I will compare there videos. And..... I also will check between my digital camera and another digital camera.

Well, I describe about why I choice my digital camera. My camera use two AA size batteries. We can use rechargable battery as eneloop. So, we can have many extra batteries. And if all of them are used, however we can buy from convenience stores. Usually, I forget to charge batteries, so it is much easy to use AA size of battery.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Osaka : sea zoo : Kaiyu-kan

We went to Osaka last week end for meeting with my family.  And, to see a sea zoo which is the largest class of sea zoo in japan. Because my wife wanted to see Whale shark (ジンベイザメ ) which is the largest fish in the world.
Whole Shark ::
Kaiyukan      ::

This is a whale shark
The shark came to Kaiyu-kan last month. Because, there were two whole shark but sadly there were dead. So, two of new whole sharks came again.

The shark is one of the most famous life in Kaiyu-kan.  You can see them more clearly if you go there. The water tank is third floor level on building of height. And they are many fishes in same water tank. And our camera is not so good. So there photo is not clear ^_^;

Not only whale sharks but also penguins are also famous life in the Kaiyukan.
Some kind of penguins are same place and we can easily compare there difference. On there pictures, we can see only one or two kinds of penguins. But, there are three or four (not sure) kind of penguins are there

Other fishes..

Total rout of seeing in Kaiyukan is almost 1km.
So, you can see many fishes

The place of  Kaiyukan is just bay side. So you can walk around Kaiyukan (Osaka bay) after going out from there.

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Bar ; Akihabara : mAAch

Today, we went to stroll from tokyo station to Akihabara then to our room.

We walked to Kanda area then to Akihabara. Akihabara is behind of Kanada from Tokyo station.
When that time, we found several nice restaurant which have outdoor terraces. Many people take beer around there. And they are using under the JR rail lines. When we go to Akihabara, we just saw the place.
The place not only for restaurant but also some sundry goods shops. It is so interesting place not only for japanese but also international tourist. Some young and not famous artists sell many items. They are bit modern but also traditional design. And the design beings oversea stile to japanese stile. The prices are also not so experience.

There pictures are opposite side from what I said above. But this side is the main part of this article. ^_^
As above bottle of bear, inside of the shop has many beer which are made in japan. (some beer are imported from Belgium. We bought Shonan gold (this is lemon beer ) Usually, (maybe in japan?) lemon beers are bit sweet. but the beer has so nice smell of lemon, but it is not sweet. It was my first experience but so good experience for us. 

 And the spot also provides free wifi and tables. some of tourist take breaks and drink beer and to check there tablets
If you have some experience to go only center of akihabara, then you should try such spot ^^

table of the shop. some of such tables are there for beer drinkers.

Akihabara mAAch.
mAAch. in English

Map mAAch

The beer event is not permanently. it has summer only event.
Check following page
in english