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TokyoWalking : Tram @Arakawa-Line

End of last year, I went to cycling to Ikebukuro. Ikebukuro is one of the main city on Yamanote-line (loop line) It is north area of Tokyo (loop-line). Basically, most rail lines on mid-tokyo are as subway or elevated railway. So, it made my so surprising, when I saw it.  This is tram in tokyo. I did not know that tokyo also has a tram. Following photo is another tram station. I saw several tram on the railway. Most of them are painted with different line (maybe...) This tram is named Toden-Arakawa-Line. This line is for Waseda University. I could not take the tram, becase I rode my bicycle. However, I will take the tram on some day. Following river is River, Kanda. The river is used on some old japanese song.
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Octoberfest @ Hibiya-Park

Hibiya park is one of the largest park in Tokyo. And Hibiya-park has many events. Last week to today, Hibiya-park had an Octoberfest. Octoberfest at Germany is the largest festival in the world. And an Octoberfest at Hibiya-park is also organized same society of the Octoberfest on Germany. So, we can try many Germany beer and Dishes. We went to Germany at last year. And we drank Kölsch beer. Yesterday, we could fined a beer shop from Köln. So, we could try it again. The dish fried potato and fired cheese. Usually, we take fried potato with salte and black peppers. However, the dish had orenge jam. It made our surprising. However, the combination of them is also quite nice. This thing is similar to when we sow a dish of meet balls at IKEA. Kölsch Beer Yes, you need to cover too of a glass when you do not need more beer.

Tokyowalking : Castle Park @ Tokyo

Kokyo (castle in tokyo) is one of the largest park in tokyo. Kokyo meaning is the house for royal familly. Now, half parts of the kokyo is still house for royal family. However, half of them are opened for park. Several years ago, it is opened for public. Before the day, it was opened for special days as a season of cherry blossom or autumn leaves.  Now, most day except monday and friday are opened. (You should check exact schedule before to go)   LInk When the Edo Period, the castle was a house for Shogun family ( Main General) So, stone walls are so sharp angle. I think I dont want to climb such wall.... Following photos are from a place where it had main tower.  I don't know when the main tower was removed or broken. But i did not know the castle also had a main tower.   Most space of this castle are not barrier free.  It is little bit hard to climb the space of main tower. Well, Kokyo has many histories to build it. So, many places has

Beefsteak plant in a room

When I was in Kanzawa-city, we made some vegetables at balcony. I also continue to make balcony farm in tokyo. However, it is much more difficult to do in Tokyo, because tokyo is much higher temperature than Kanazawa-city. And my room in Tokyo has less sunshines  than Kanzawa. Because just in front of my balcony has another building. And between two building have very few sunshine. I try several rosemaries. However, most os them are damaged due to both of temperature and few sunshine. We found a new farm kit which we can grow beefsteak plant in a room as following.  Actually, we like room plant kits which we saw in north Europe.  That was good idea. However, we can not find such kit in Japan. We went to shopping mart for finding soil for olive. Then we found not only soil but also this kit. I'm not sure exact price but I think this kit and soil was less than 1000 JPY. Package is also document of this kit. Maybe you don't need to understand in japanese. There

Tokyo walking : New spot in Tokyo (akasaka, Kioicyo)

After long redeveloped, Kioi-cyo, Tokyo has new spot. Akasaka Pince Hotel was closed. And the place had nothing. Recently, there are new place. This building was owned by Li (re?) KIngdom family from china at 100s years ago. It is kept as important cultural assets.  I think it is not only for cultural assets but also for cafe. Because I saw several staff people just in front of this building. I have not entered to this building. This cultural assets is not only building but also this graden. You can see this garden for free. (I'm not sure that seeing the building needs fee or free..... And just border of the building and parkgarden has a deer. Big deer..... The height of the deer is larger than 4m.... (i think) In the garden park has many restaurants. The area has 3-4 floors. And you can enter them directory from Akasaka-mituke station . I like there area. Bellows are night view of this building. GardenPark in English :  http://www.tgt-ki

Chipstar Wasabi Flavor

Today, we try wasabi huraba of Chipstar. Chipstar is one of famous potato chips in japan. Today, we found a bottle of chipstar with wasabi flavor, There are many kind of potato chips with wasabi flavor. However, we have not seen wasabi flavor on Chipstar. So, we try to take them It is enough wasabi flavor. But it is not too strong. It was so nice flavor. We think it is on top 5 of wasabi flavor of potato chips.

Tokyo walking ; Edo culture. I found old Tokyo (EDO)

Now, Tokyo is one of famous cities in the world. Not as europa main cities, it is difficult to find classical parts in Tokyo. Most of them are modern building. I found some classic parts in tokyo as previous posts. Last week, I found other classic parts in tokyo. Most people in tokyo are moved from other city as me. However, almost 10% of population in tokyo are living in tokyo from hundreds years ago. Last period of Samurai was Edo period. And, people who were living in Edo (Tokyo now) had difference culture from Osaka , Kyoto, or other cities. Such people who live(d) in Tokyo are/were called  as EdoKko. If you have interest in EdoKko then check it from google, please. I can not explain what is EdoKko. Because I also don't about it in detail. However, I could have mood as Edo city in a festival in Hie-Shinto-Shrine. It is one of oldest shinto-shrine in Eod city. Almost(?) every year, it has festival on it. And it was 400 years memorial festival. Following photos are about