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Babahera Ice cream @ Akita, Japan

 Akita city is a capital city at Akita prefecture. Akita city has castles. Sensyu park is just in front of Akita station. Around Akita castle and other main streets, some old woman sell ice creams.  They make instant shop around castle at summer. You can see several shop around it. A special thing is a shape of ice cream like as following photo.    A women makes this shape of ice cream in front of you. This shape is rose flower. Pink color is strawberry flavor taste and yellow one is banana flavor taste. Actually this taste is not as such natural one. In my image, it taste is soda flavor taste. But I did not feel bad when I took it. Actually, basically, I do not like banana taste of foods. But I did not make image of banana when I ate it. So, I can repeat to buy this ice cream. This taste is good for hot summer.   As I wrote, we can buy it around city from old woman, but i found it in convenience store. I did not have any hesitation to buy it or not when I found it. Sure, I got one.   

Rail line history museum @ Shinbashi, Tokyo, Japan

   Several weeks ago, I found a history of rail line museum around Shinbashi station. I usually walk around that point on weekend. However, I walked 2nd floor at that point. And I did not know about a museum on 1st floor. Our weekend walking is changed from distance oriented to unknown load finding. We just enter a small street and then that small street connected new world.   Shinbashi is an important area for rail line in Japan. Because, Shinbashi started a history of japanese business rail line. The betting of business rail line started from shinbashi to yokohama at 1872. 9 trains on every day were operated at that time. It was needed 53 minutes for one way (it is needed 20 - 26 minutes, now). Average passengers were 4300 people per day. Bothe Terminal stations on that line required many functions, so both stations were not only passenger line station but also transportation base.   A function of main terminal of passenger station moved from Shinbashi station to Tokyo station 1914.

I saw Dr. Yellow Shinkansen Super Express!

I saw Dr. yellow! Dr. yellow is a kind of Shinkansen super express. Dr. yellow is running on Tokaido shinkansen line and  on Sanyo shinkansen line. Tokaido shinkansen line is the oldest shinkansen line in japan. a service area is between Tokyo station and ShinOsaka station. And sanyo shinkansen line is for ShinOsaka station to Hakata station. Both lines are very important public transportation for many seen. Tokaido shinkansen line serves shinkansens every 3 minutes and 30 seconds from both of Tokyo station and ShinOsaka station. And we do no need to change any trains from Tokaido shinkansen line to Sanyo shinkansen line. If we are living around one of Tokyo area, Osaka area or Hakata area, then shinkansen line is more convenient than air lines for moving between such three area. (If we can book super cheap air line tickets, then air line is more cheap than shinkansen line. Because shinkansen line has few discount tickets. And shinkansen line's discount rate is not so b

TokyoWalking : Tram @Arakawa-Line

End of last year, I went to cycling to Ikebukuro. Ikebukuro is one of the main city on Yamanote-line (loop line) It is north area of Tokyo (loop-line). Basically, most rail lines on mid-tokyo are as subway or elevated railway. So, it made my so surprising, when I saw it.  This is tram in tokyo. I did not know that tokyo also has a tram. Following photo is another tram station. I saw several tram on the railway. Most of them are painted with different line (maybe...) This tram is named Toden-Arakawa-Line. This line is for Waseda University. I could not take the tram, becase I rode my bicycle. However, I will take the tram on some day. Following river is River, Kanda. The river is used on some old japanese song.

Octoberfest @ Hibiya-Park

Hibiya park is one of the largest park in Tokyo. And Hibiya-park has many events. Last week to today, Hibiya-park had an Octoberfest. Octoberfest at Germany is the largest festival in the world. And an Octoberfest at Hibiya-park is also organized same society of the Octoberfest on Germany. So, we can try many Germany beer and Dishes. We went to Germany at last year. And we drank Kölsch beer. Yesterday, we could fined a beer shop from Köln. So, we could try it again. The dish fried potato and fired cheese. Usually, we take fried potato with salte and black peppers. However, the dish had orenge jam. It made our surprising. However, the combination of them is also quite nice. This thing is similar to when we sow a dish of meet balls at IKEA. Kölsch Beer Yes, you need to cover too of a glass when you do not need more beer.

Tokyowalking : Castle Park @ Tokyo

Kokyo (castle in tokyo) is one of the largest park in tokyo. Kokyo meaning is the house for royal familly. Now, half parts of the kokyo is still house for royal family. However, half of them are opened for park. Several years ago, it is opened for public. Before the day, it was opened for special days as a season of cherry blossom or autumn leaves.  Now, most day except monday and friday are opened. (You should check exact schedule before to go)   LInk When the Edo Period, the castle was a house for Shogun family ( Main General) So, stone walls are so sharp angle. I think I dont want to climb such wall.... Following photos are from a place where it had main tower.  I don't know when the main tower was removed or broken. But i did not know the castle also had a main tower.   Most space of this castle are not barrier free.  It is little bit hard to climb the space of main tower. Well, Kokyo has many histories to build it. So, many places has