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Today I had a deadline of report. I was writeing at 4:00 am. However I couldn't do. I think that was not good.......

Ramen noodle

In order to eat ramen noodles to lunch today, it has been to Nonoichi.
It was looking for the store currently written the book. However, I couldn't be looking for that store. So, I ate ramen noodle at other store. Although this is only my opnion, it was thought that store currently written to that book collapsed. But, that ramen noodle was not tasty and salty. When I finished to eat that ramen noodle, then I went to out soon.

Credit Card

Today, I was waked up the telephone from my mother. It is secret what we told about.

This morning, I forgot going to early-morning class, too. Every day I have early-morning calss. Every day I have early-morning class. I don't know why I forget. However, I could not go to some of class.

Well.....This morning I had one more happening. That was Credit Card. Not my Credit card. What kind of happening it was? His account of bank didn't have enough money. Only that. However, according to the happening, we were tired very much.

Newer sub diary

I think that I record my diary in English.

So, This page will be written in very simple English. And I'll write in this diary about the happening which is in my life.