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This week

I used many times for Network at this and last weeks.
In there work I make many opinionaire for network environments I got too much exceptional answer.
....... ToT


Broadcast system has the function what is register and unregister.
My system already has register function.
Also unregister, but it unregister function is just be it. This meaning is no class or method call it.

When I want to use nuregister method I need to make keyListener for finalize.
Example, when I want to kill my process I will push any key like as Control+C.
When the implementing this thing we will know one problem what is who have to own this method.
No one can push any key at the just time when just one method is called.
Some of web site have any information about it.
But, there information is finished inside just 1 or 2 class.
I think there case is just few lear case.


I think my code can be worked!!!
Actuary, I felt scare that if my code cannot work from today....

This program work correct.
But, sometime it made any strange work........

synchronize?? Memory full?? ......??????
I have to check more for it


When we want to use Rectangle2D.Double with RMI we will need Serializable Rectangle2D.Double.
Rectangle2D is serialized by sun. <------- java.awt.Rectangle
But java.awt.Rectangle is supported just for Integer Version.

So, I made SerializableRectangle2D like as following code.

public class SerializableRectangle2D
extends Rectangle2D.Double
implements Serializable
public SerializableRectangle2D()

public SerializableRectangle2D(double x, double y, double w, double h)
super(x, y, w, h);

However the getting value is just 0 when I use rmi and get message.
But, no documents was google in japanse.... I lose 3 days.......
Some of web site said i cannot do it using easy way....
And some of site said java 1.6 will be able to be suported it.
This will be able to use serialized Rectangle2D.Double.......

Actuary........I have no way how to make solution for this problem......