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gDisk 0.6.1

Today, I try to use new gDisk version 0.6.1. Before version, I cannot see what files are on the server side. But current version I could do it. I think it is better than before version and it began to useful for backup software. But it has one problem.... When I uploaded more than 10 files at same time, it was clash down. I try to do it at 2-3 times but result was same..... I think it is one of the bag or the documents said about it (Actuary I read no document about it for this version)


I thought my Fedora machine is so slow when I want to use it for testing anything.
I checked my machine using top command.
Then...........load average:

I haven't see such a big system load.
So I check process in the top out put.
I think gam_server has strange working.
I search about it from google.
Many of people also said about it.
And this process make more other problems, too.

Some one said he could not umount memory stick.(gam_server locked it)
Some one also said gam_server use CPU 100%.

Some one said he remove it from his system.
But no one said it is safty or not..........


In japan, we had holiday when the last Friday.
Many of undergraduate students make many party at there school.
Also my before university.

But it is not holiday for me.
Sure I have to work more.....
but it was difficult now.......

stiff neck hurt my life......
All of my muscle began to hard.
So this kind of strong season changing make difficult to life at ishikawa-ken.
It make break my current life.

I will massage me by myself before to go to bed.
(Actuary I didn't get out from bed today. ^^;;;;)
I will be walking at tomorrow.
And reset there.