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It is one of the streaming server as youtube. Maybe, there movies data got from the youtube or others streaming servers.
The special thing about this server is movies playing. We need to click the movies when we want to watch the movies on the youtube or it is not useful for us. In my images, the internet tv sites are also no action for the tv playing.
We don't need to click or other action for the watching next video on the It makes more detail categories than the youtube or And we can watch all of the videos that are in the same categories.

Autumn will go.......

Today, I went to Kaga-area.
Last month, I went to Yamanaka-onsen for the workshop. I bought sparkling sake from Sake-plant. My grand mother likes it. She called me and she said that she want to drink more. So, I went to buy it. I also went to Beppu-Onsen to buy onsen-tamago.

There photos are autumn Japanese mountain.

Onsen : Hot spring
Onsen-tamago : The egg that is boiled by the hot spring
Sake : rice wine


KompoZer is the next version of NVU.
This is provided by Mozilla Org. as free software.

The development of NVU was stopped. It was separeted from mozilla browser. It is useful software for makeing Web-page. But the behavior was bit strange and difficult to see it when we developping the web-pages.

KompoZer also can use as ftp client. We don't need to download the file when we change the web-pages. We need just useing the ftp client and change it. After that we can back the data to the web server by the ftp-client.

new google searvice

The new(?) google searvice.
We can make the home page on the web browser. The created home pages are on the google server. So we don't need to register the home page on other site.

the example of the created page is following link.

To make web page was not so difficult. To use it is same as the MS-Word. And it is saved automatically.

Sad mistake

These days, I looked just a source code. The code behavior is heartbeat program with neko. The code could pass the compile however it doesn't work....
Today, i could find the problem point. It was so simple and sad problem. It was from constructor. Neko algorithm class maybe allow just one argument that is NekoProcess. However, I set 2 and 3 arguments. Consider now, it is not work. I have no memory that I made some instance for the algorithm class in my some code. (Actually, I made it at the initializer class. But it was not able to control it. It is not sure I can change that line or not. I will do it later.)

price of gasoline

Today, I installed "Gasoline Kakaku .com" to my iGoogle.

Gasoline Kakaku .com provides the price of Gasoline on the google map. I checked the difference of gasoline price between Osaka and Ishikawa.

We can buy the gasoline near the 136-8 yen/liter at osaka city. However, we meed 145-150 yen/liter at Ishikawa.
* late......1$ <---> 116\

Well......we could buy gasoline 79-80 yen when I bought my car. It began two times...ToT


2 days ago, I bought coffee with my friends from the internet shop. Today, it leached to us. Our members are 4. We bought 400 packs of coffee then we can drink 100 pack. This is 4 or 5 times buying. Last buying was just a month ago. Usually, we drank the 100 pack of coffee just a month....

Bug???? FireFox

I'm using the Ubuntu Linux.
Today, FireFox is updated.....

This update makes problem for it. The problems are two.
1. FireFox is closed by core dumped when I used some functions that needs pop-up window. EX. set-up or download....
2. FireFox got the down when I access to the site what uses the https.

It is big problem for me....... ^^;;;;;


My breadbasket had fat ball(follicle mite). Yesterday, it was broken by my pants. Today, the broken point got virus... My breadbasket change color to read. I thought I got one more new bast on my breadbasket..... ToT
So, I cannot sleep....... ToT

I want to sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


entrance formality

I did do the entrance formality at today.

At the morning, I went out from my room to the bank for paying the entrance fee. 300,000yen was not so thick.
After that, I reached my desk. And I found my photo for the entrance form. The bad thing is my university need so much size of photo. when ever I have to go photo processor for taking my photo.


Since last April, cvs at my laptop was not working.
I got error message when I run the cvs.
The error message was...

cvs [checkout aborted]: cannot exec /usr/bin/ssh : No such file or directory
cvs [checkout aborted]: received broken pipe signal

Some of site said.... it is one of the cvs bug.
So I thought so.

However, today, I could fined that was wrong for my case.
The problem was environment variables named CVS_RSH.

Actually I don't want to say where was wrong because the problem was......
I feel shy.....

The environment variables had 2bit characters.....

If you got error as above then you should check 2 thing.
1. the ssh path is right?
2. the variables has no strange characters?

No cvs life was sad......

GCC for Pocket PC

I bought Pocket PC at yesterday.

Some of friends install CoLinux to PocketPC. However, dual boot machines are not useful. Actually, the Pocket PC is PHS. So, If I install CoLinux to my PHS then I cannot use phone when I am booting Linux. Usually, I use cygwin on my windows pc. So, I find cygwin for PocketPC. When that time, I found gcc for Pocket PC.
The name is CeGCC.

I haven't used it yet.
We can cross compile on my PC. If I have some free time then I will try it.

Big earthquake

2-30 minutes ago, it was strong earthquake at Nigata.
Ishikawa has also moving.
In the TV program, it has few problem now.

Shinkansen was stoped, but now it is wortking.
Newclear power plant has been stoped.

This a week, I could not sleep.....
Everyday, I could sleep at most 4 hours.
But, I think I will be able to do after today.....
(Im so sorry for Nigata-city person.....)
But every before a week when somewhere has earthquake in the world, my sleep less week began...... ToT
Actuary, I was so tired.....

2 years ago, Nigata-city had earthquake.
When that time, they got too strong atacked.
This year, Ishikawa-city had earthquake.
And today....

many of there got big darmages.......

Nihon-kai(kai = sea) has too much atomic power generation plants.
Because it has no earthquake at after the 2nd war.
But to see the long priod, it has too much strong it.

Finally, I'm ok,


Today, I could understand where do I need to go for my project. (Actuary, it is very later for my plan....)

I discussed with Asociate professor about it. I could understand it,

This 2-3 days, I listend the voice recoder what he said at before discussion. It was so long days for me at his days. From after waiking up to next waiking up, I listened his voice. What is his meaning? But I could not understand his word....

Why this problems happened? Because views are different location between him and me.

Actuary, the problems were just one word what was "meeting". At 1st I thought meeting is to meet with faice to face. But I could not understand what's meaning he want to say.... Yesterday, I went to his office but he has too much working so he said he will give me his time at tomorrow(Today). 2nd day(after waiking up) I find other meaning what is "discussion." "meeting" meaning is discusse who is leader? I consider about it. And I found one solution. But..…

suddenly X11 does not work at OSX

It was not working ,when I wanted to use X11 on the MacOSX.

When I click the X11 icon from /Applications/Utilities.
But it just wake up after that it downs......

After that, I try to start from the terminal(For me, it is iTerm).


Could not init font path element /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/CDI, removing from list
After that X11 get down......

Some of the web page said, I can recover from this state....
:~/Library/Preferences$ mv
Actualy, remove is enough.
But it was 1st experience then I wanted just backup this file.

I began to use X11.

Memo Desmoj ..... sendTraceNote

I can use sendTraceNote for outputting message on the trace note when I want to output message on it.

The method can be called from the class what class extends the ModelComponet class.

String message = "test message";

Water Problem

I thought the wall is wet at my room. But in my opinion, the wet is just my hand.....
Today (Last night) I knew.....
The wet is WALL!!!!!!!

Because my room is 3rd floor in the building what has 4 floors.
If my thinking is right then the wet is since last week.
So....The problem is NOT from man error.......
Who made it????


I will call room agency at today........
Busy made new busy.......ToT