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Today, I could understand where do I need to go for my project. (Actuary, it is very later for my plan....)

I discussed with Asociate professor about it. I could understand it,

This 2-3 days, I listend the voice recoder what he said at before discussion. It was so long days for me at his days. From after waiking up to next waiking up, I listened his voice. What is his meaning? But I could not understand his word....

Why this problems happened? Because views are different location between him and me.

Actuary, the problems were just one word what was "meeting". At 1st I thought meeting is to meet with faice to face. But I could not understand what's meaning he want to say.... Yesterday, I went to his office but he has too much working so he said he will give me his time at tomorrow(Today). 2nd day(after waiking up) I find other meaning what is "discussion." "meeting" meaning is discusse who is leader? I consider about it. And I found one solution. But..…

suddenly X11 does not work at OSX

It was not working ,when I wanted to use X11 on the MacOSX.

When I click the X11 icon from /Applications/Utilities.
But it just wake up after that it downs......

After that, I try to start from the terminal(For me, it is iTerm).


Could not init font path element /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/CDI, removing from list
After that X11 get down......

Some of the web page said, I can recover from this state....
:~/Library/Preferences$ mv
Actualy, remove is enough.
But it was 1st experience then I wanted just backup this file.

I began to use X11.