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Big earthquake

2-30 minutes ago, it was strong earthquake at Nigata.
Ishikawa has also moving.
In the TV program, it has few problem now.

Shinkansen was stoped, but now it is wortking.
Newclear power plant has been stoped.

This a week, I could not sleep.....
Everyday, I could sleep at most 4 hours.
But, I think I will be able to do after today.....
(Im so sorry for Nigata-city person.....)
But every before a week when somewhere has earthquake in the world, my sleep less week began...... ToT
Actuary, I was so tired.....

2 years ago, Nigata-city had earthquake.
When that time, they got too strong atacked.
This year, Ishikawa-city had earthquake.
And today....

many of there got big darmages.......

Nihon-kai(kai = sea) has too much atomic power generation plants.
Because it has no earthquake at after the 2nd war.
But to see the long priod, it has too much strong it.

Finally, I'm ok,