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KompoZer is the next version of NVU.
This is provided by Mozilla Org. as free software.

The development of NVU was stopped. It was separeted from mozilla browser. It is useful software for makeing Web-page. But the behavior was bit strange and difficult to see it when we developping the web-pages.

KompoZer also can use as ftp client. We don't need to download the file when we change the web-pages. We need just useing the ftp client and change it. After that we can back the data to the web server by the ftp-client.

new google searvice

The new(?) google searvice.
We can make the home page on the web browser. The created home pages are on the google server. So we don't need to register the home page on other site.

the example of the created page is following link.

To make web page was not so difficult. To use it is same as the MS-Word. And it is saved automatically.

Sad mistake

These days, I looked just a source code. The code behavior is heartbeat program with neko. The code could pass the compile however it doesn't work....
Today, i could find the problem point. It was so simple and sad problem. It was from constructor. Neko algorithm class maybe allow just one argument that is NekoProcess. However, I set 2 and 3 arguments. Consider now, it is not work. I have no memory that I made some instance for the algorithm class in my some code. (Actually, I made it at the initializer class. But it was not able to control it. It is not sure I can change that line or not. I will do it later.)

price of gasoline

Today, I installed "Gasoline Kakaku .com" to my iGoogle.

Gasoline Kakaku .com provides the price of Gasoline on the google map. I checked the difference of gasoline price between Osaka and Ishikawa.

We can buy the gasoline near the 136-8 yen/liter at osaka city. However, we meed 145-150 yen/liter at Ishikawa.
* late......1$ <---> 116\

Well......we could buy gasoline 79-80 yen when I bought my car. It began two times...ToT