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It is one of the streaming server as youtube. Maybe, there movies data got from the youtube or others streaming servers.
The special thing about this server is movies playing. We need to click the movies when we want to watch the movies on the youtube or it is not useful for us. In my images, the internet tv sites are also no action for the tv playing.
We don't need to click or other action for the watching next video on the It makes more detail categories than the youtube or And we can watch all of the videos that are in the same categories.

Autumn will go.......

Today, I went to Kaga-area.
Last month, I went to Yamanaka-onsen for the workshop. I bought sparkling sake from Sake-plant. My grand mother likes it. She called me and she said that she want to drink more. So, I went to buy it. I also went to Beppu-Onsen to buy onsen-tamago.

There photos are autumn Japanese mountain.

Onsen : Hot spring
Onsen-tamago : The egg that is boiled by the hot spring
Sake : rice wine