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Virtual Memory

My mac laptop got crash by (null) process. Before crash it, I captured it from active monitor.
The process had virtual memory more than 1600000TB.

Where this mac hid such a big storage?????

Player/Stage :: Mac OSX Leopard

This is just memo.
I write memo for Player/stage on Mac OSX Leopard.

At first, we have to install Player/Stage by MacPort.
sudo port install playerstage-stage
sudo port install playerstage-player

Maybe, when you execute the player on your OSX then you will see the error for rgb.txt.
If you see this error then you need to make the symbolic link from "/usr/X11/share/X11/rgb.txt".

Well, MacPort provides Player/Stage version 2.0.3.
But, latest version of Player/Stage is version 3.0.1.
I downloaded version 3.0.1.
However, it didn't work because of version.
I try to use on version 2.0.3, then I can use player/stage.