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ubuntu 9.04 :: how to disable beep sound

After 9.04, sound configuration has no setting tab for beep sound.
I found some other interface for disable the beep sound.

I memo how to disable it.
We need just one line add to /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf.

sudo echo "blacklist pcspkr >> /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf

After doing this command, you needs re-login then your computer will not make noise.

Application :: Mozilla Prism

Mozilla released new application named Prism. It can be used as the local application for web application. It can make the icon onto the application folder and desktop.

However, for me, it looks just a web browser..... It can make shortcut to choice some site from bookmarks. However, our application folder or desktop will get jam.....

Maybe, the merit by the Prism is that we can separate between private informations as user name and password and web browsing on our common life.

Prism (Mozilla lab)

If someone can find something to use for this application then let me know about it please.

Adium :: MSN Messenger :: Mac OSX

Adium is one of the messenger client for MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Jabber.....and some other kind of messenger. It is very useful application for mac osx.

However, it has one problem for data transfer. One of friends told me on messenger. And the friend gave me the photo data. After getting data, the free memory space began to small. And after restarting the adium then more than 800M bite of used memory space was released. I think that the adium keeps the receaveing the data until the application get restart (MAYBE) has some function for releaseing the receaving data space.

Mac Book :: Apple Remote :: pairing

Many of peoples are using Mac Book. And Some time, we see that some of talkers are using remote controller for presentation.
If we don't use pairing function between apple remote and Mac book then many of Mac book/ Mac book pro will receive that signals. So, we should make pairing for our mac and remote controller.

To make pairing is easy.
You just need to push "menu" and "Next" button at same time inside the 10 cm from Mac Book/ Mac book pro.
Then you will see the chain and Apple remote on your monitor.
Then the pairing will be finished.

Ubuntu:: root password

I could not understand the policy of password for root user when I start to use Ubuntu linux.
I didn't know root password on Ubuntu Linux. Actually, no one know about it...... because it is null.

The policy of root password is that if root has no password then no one can attack it.
However, some one wont to use root as other distribution of linux. You can make password for root on Ubuntu Linux.
But, it makes risks for attacked by malicious user. Be careful to make your root password. If you want to make password for root then you should check your root password is safty or not by some kind of password checking site.

# sudo passwd root
enter password for current user (if your account has authority for using sudo command)
enter new password for root user
enter same password for root user