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Japan :: mobile phone

In Japan, it's used w-cdma protocol for mobile phone. W-cdma may be used at only  Japan and Korea. Many peaple make image as cdma2000, when you read "cdma". Because, GSM is used for mobile phone as standard protocole in many country. And some countries are using also cdma2000. Between GSM and cdma2000 are not compatible. However, between w-cdma and GSM are compatible. Cdma2000 is also used in Japan. )  Well, i had small trouble about this cdma, when i told about Japanese mobile phone protocole with a professor who came from overseas.  He asked me about my carrier on my phone. My phone is softbank mobile. And softbank mobile is using w-cdma protocol. You already know that w-cdma is not widely used protocol. And if you say cdma then it points to cdma2000. He also thought so. And, it made small discussion about that cdma is compatible or not. Actually, i could not explain aboutit well.  I remind about it. And i want to check that how my nexus one know about signal. Then n…