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App Backup & Reinstall - Android マーケット

Android Application App Backup & Reinstall - Android マーケット
Usually, android applications are installed to strage on the android device. However, the android device has limitation for strage. So, installed to strage is not happy for user. This application can be moved android application to SD card.
My Nexus one has limitation for application install area. And, it is too small for installing many applications. It is very nice application.
But, it is not possible to move all application to SD card. This application automatically detect that what application can be moved and make the list. The possibility is based on a variable that to where can we install it. So, if you have android shell then you can change the variable for some application. You will be able to find the way to change the variable by the google search.
App Backup & Reinstall - Android マーケット