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Android + Softbank mobile :: SMS and MMS

I'm using Nexus one.
I think you already know about nexus one. Nexus one is one of the android mobile phone developed by Google and HTC. It is not possible to buy nexus one in japan.

I already wrote about japanese 3G signal. Japan has 3 big different phone company. NTT DoCoMo, Softbank mobile (vodaphone), and AU KDDI. DoCoMo and Softbank mobile are using W-CDMA and AU is using CDMA-2000. Many people think that W-CDMA is similar with CDMA-2000. But, it is extension on the GSM. The W-CDMA is little bit different from GSM especially for MMS. The specification of MMS on W-CDMA had little bit different bit from GSM. Android phone cannot access to MMS server by default. So, we needed to compile the android kernel for receiving the MMS on Softbank mobile. Actually, I didn't re-compile the kernel on my phone. Because, it is mobile phone. To re-compiling the kernel for mobile phone has many risks for security and my economy. By such reason, I didn't use MMS on my phone.

2-3 weeks a…

Pocket WiFi + Nexus One

Last a month, I used PocketWiFi with B-Mobile SIM + Google Nexus One with Softbank mobile SIM.

I used this combination for a month because the softbank mobile had problem for 3G data communication due to the wrong parameter written by staff. The communication speed was too slow. So, I try to use B-Mobile for data communication. I wanted to use b-mobile but I didn't want to change the phone plan from softbank. Then, I try to use Pocket WiFi.

The largest merit of using PocketWiFi is that we can use 3G network at most 6 devices at a same time. When we are starbacks, some coffee stand, or some other places we can use 3G network through the wifi.

The speed was enough for web browser. However, for the data communicating through the android application, some of them didn't work. And, the buttery power also had problem. I need to charge the buttery every 1-2 days, even if i didn't use it. And, I had some situation that I wanted to use it however I forgot to bring it with me or to ch…