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Pocket WiFi + Nexus One

Last a month, I used PocketWiFi with B-Mobile SIM + Google Nexus One with Softbank mobile SIM.

I used this combination for a month because the softbank mobile had problem for 3G data communication due to the wrong parameter written by staff. The communication speed was too slow. So, I try to use B-Mobile for data communication. I wanted to use b-mobile but I didn't want to change the phone plan from softbank. Then, I try to use Pocket WiFi.

The largest merit of using PocketWiFi is that we can use 3G network at most 6 devices at a same time. When we are starbacks, some coffee stand, or some other places we can use 3G network through the wifi.

The speed was enough for web browser. However, for the data communicating through the android application, some of them didn't work. And, the buttery power also had problem. I need to charge the buttery every 1-2 days, even if i didn't use it. And, I had some situation that I wanted to use it however I forgot to bring it with me or to charge it. If it was in the winter, we have many pocket on our wear. However, in the summer, it is difficult to find the space for bringing it.

From the begging, PocketWiFi was designed for using Laptop PC or portable game player. And we can use it also on the mobile phone. However, to use pocketwifi with mobile phone was not convenient.

I already return to use only nexus one.

The difference of price between softbank mobile and b-mobile. The price by b-mobile is little bit cheaper than softbank. But, it has limitation for data communicating speed. But, it was useless for mobile phone.......


D. said…
What kind of b-mobile SIM did you try out? I am considering using B-Mobile for data. And I read that
has no speed limit, but instead 1GB data cap, and essentially uses the NTT Docomo network via roaming. 1 GB is not much, but you know I only surf the web and user twitter... ;.)
daiki said…
I used following package for a month.

I'm not sure that what kind of environment (device) do u want to use. As the NTT Docomo's network trouble, smart phone uses many netwok communication even if you don't touch your phone. Ex. gmail and other mail account, facebook, or many tools. I uses Softbank mobile SIM, now. Usually, my phone is uses the packets for 300000yen. ( I use plan for smartphone. so i have discount for 300000yen.) So, if you want to use that sim with smartphone then you should try to check all applications what is installed in your phone.

If you will use it with laptop pc then it is good choice. Because you can choose easy to start up applications.
D. said…
you know what devices I am using. How many folks do you know who read your blog, write in English and care about mobile phones? ;-)
I thought using it with my notebook, when not on campus... just to stay connected, no heavy downloading, so 1GB should last enough...
daikihi said…
Yes, I think it is enough for netbook users. I think (especially in my case) we can buy that SIM from a month. You can try for a month.

Well, one of my friends using bmobile, now. He said this SIM can not use 800Mhz band for NTT DoCoMo. I thought the device what is using b-mobile sim can use wide area in japan because it is using NTT DoCoMo network. However, when we went to skiing, his mobile phone was out of signal same as mobile phone. However the friend who are using real DoCoMo's SIM could use. I don't know where will u use. But the person who will use it in local city as me, sometime the condition will be changed,

P.S. I have no idea how many people do they read this blog ~_~? Because I started this blog for writing in english (for learning) I though some of my friends + alpha read this blog^^;;;

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