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Ubuntu 11.10 :: GNOME

After Ubuntu 11.04, default window manager was changed from gnome to Unity.
In my opinion, Unity is good for using on tablet pc. However, it is difficult to use on desktop or laptop pc.

If you don't want to use Unity desktop as me, then you can use GNOME classic. On default, GNOME classic is not installed. You need to install from command line or package manager. The name of package is "gnome-session-fallback". (I haven't meet the bug, but some bugs are discussed in the Ubuntu forum.) Then, you can choose GNOME classic when you log on. I tried some window mangers, however no window manager is better to use than GNOME classic for me. GNOME classic has two mode named GNOME classic and GNOME classic no effect. With my desktop pc, I could not find any difference. (because i don't use any visual effect ^^;;;)

Well, for customizing the gnome panel, we just needed to dag and drop to the panel for adding some icon to start some application. Or we could use with right cli…