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Smart phone app and disaster

I already wrote about following in some place.
 And, I also wrote this in japanese first. Because, I wanted to know about this for japanese engineers.

 Many of u know the earth quake in japan, it was occurred one years ago. And, many of online services was developed or tested for such kind of disaster attacked.  Before the earth quake, I had claim weak buttery on smart phone. In the place where is attacked by disaster, it needs more than one weeks for recovering the infrastructure. However, current mobile phone especially mobile phone can be used only half day to 2 days. It is not enough in such situation. It is enough to call at least one know person. It is one opinion. However, in many case, it is also impossible to call one phone call to known person due to the network traffic jam.

On another hand, facebook tested a online service what we can tell our life through the facebook, when disaster will be happened. Well.... the last version of this service was needed to access to facebo…

Player/stage javalient3 (Sorry, this post has no new information)

Player/Stage, javaclient3 was released.
Actually, I didn't know about it untile this year.

You can get the javaclient from

You can get the some sample code from

It has many new elements. I will write a sample code and compile way, later.
I DL them from CVS. CVS version has no ant file. So, I need to import to IDE or to write ant file for compiling.

Kindle cloud reader

Today, my chrome app pool has new app. Actually, I think it is installed automatically.... I'm not sure but I have no memory to install the app. The app is provided by amazon. Name of the app is "Kindle cloud reader". I installed kindle app to my mac. However, by this installation, i could delete the kindle app from my mac. Actually, I will not be able to read any books on my mac, when I go out. However, when that time, I'll have my nexus one and tablet. Both of them have the kindle app.

Now, I try to buy some book with free cost. (it's very nice that i can get some kind of knowledge by free. But, I'm weak for english, so it is hard to read them for me.) And try to read it. Usually, I didn't use kindle app on my mac. because, I needed to boot special app for reading app. But, now, I don't need to boot any special app only needing is to push app on chrome. I read some pages. I'm reading "what is Node". I cannot explain about this book, ye…