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Review :: Google Drive

The first day when the google drive was released I try to use google drive. Actually, I thought I will not use google drive any more. Because, it has only 5GB strage for free and the provided client package for OSX was not work. And it was also difficult to manage the files from web browser.  The initial state, my home space had many files and directories what I created on google doc, google note, and etc. Actually, I didn't want to see them on this strage.....~_~;;;   Today, I try to install the google drive client for osx again. The client can be installed to my MacBookAir Lion. And, it works well. My personal opinion, the setting screen of sync policy has many spaces to improve. It is not so easy to understand. Finally, I removed all my data from my space. Because, I checked the select box what is only sync some folders to this computer. And, I sync them and I moved them into trash box ^^;;; Happily, I didn't need them. 
  Well, the client of google drive is almost same s…