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Android :: speed

Usually, our system becomes speed (performance) down, when we install many application. We can say same thing onto our android phone.

   Some of my friends also said same thing. In this post, I did not any evaluate about anything. All of my writing in this post is only from my experience and feeling.

  Many case, the performance down on android comes from RAM space. I used task manager for this problem 2years ago. And some people do it. Well, I found one thing. We can control the task execution because of the application. However, many of android task managers are executed as background process. Such kind of application will be one factor for speed down.  I removed such kind of background executed task manager.

  This is my result to use android mobile phone. The problem for speed down is application cache and background executed process.  So, I use two application.

  First application is app2sd. The main feature of app2sd is move application from phone strage to sd card. However, …

Don't update ubuntu from old version to 12.04LTS

As the title, I think you should not update from old version of Ubuntu to latest version of ubuntu.

Yes, if you customize so much and to re-customize is quite difficult then you can not avoid update.  However, if you do not customize so much then you should remove current installed ubuntu and cleaninstall the latest version. The reason is following.

From 08.04, I had many troubles for ubuntu update especially X configuration. I use 4 different ubuntu desktop and 2 virtual computer on vmware. Only on vmware's ubuntu can be update safely. My friend is also using ubuntu. However, his computer also had many troubles. He using some server software on ubuntu. So, he did want to update from zero. And his computer got crash before x started. He used some days for repair that problem. For me, many of computers are only for desktop except one computer. So, usually, I update them and got crash then I remove them and reinstall from zero. Because, I don't want to use time for repair the os…