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Showing posts from August, 2012 for osx : official client comes

There are many cloud strage services in the world. For example, Dropbox, suger sync, google drive and

   Today, I focus to Because, lately, started to provide a new version of client for Mac OSX. The previous version's client of for OSX had many limitation. The largest problem was that the client can not sync between local strage and The previous version could just mount as ftp servers and add or remove from the system. It was big limitation for using cloud stile of strage.

  However, the strongest part of is strage size. Now, I can use 50GB for free. So, I didn't want to remove this account. On another side, it was difficult to manage data on Mac OSX. Because I needed to access from web browser to then to upload file from the interface on web browser.

  Now, the lastest version of client for starts the sync function on OSX. So, I try to use new version.

  My stile for cloud strage is following. I use cloud…

Bicycle insurance in japan

Long time, I was considering about bicycle insurance.

Many japanese are not consider about insurance for bicycle in japan. Because japan is weak country for insurance.

Many people considered about when they are attacked by car. They didn't have an idea what they may be going to be individual at fault. However, road bikes are faster than my MTB. And, many of city bikes do not turn on a head light after sunset. The old person has also no idea what the bicycles can ride so fast as 50cc motar bike. Then they easy enter in front of bicycles. Such kind of accident is not few in japan. And, the worst case of such accident, the road bike rider needed to pay 40 millions yen to attacked person.

Bicycle ride's bad manner have begun to social issues. Some bicycle riders do not follow the traffic lights or traffic signs. In such background, sometime, I have risks what I will be attacked by such bicycle riders when I ride my MTB. However, as above reason, many riders have no insurance for r…

PET bottle tea

There are many kind of tea in the world. Japanese also drink many kind of teas. Maccya is one of the famous japanese tea. Usually, many kind of teas are filtered for preparing. Maccya is used tea leaves powder. So, we can drink tea leaves themselves, too.

Well, as a title of this post, there are many kind of tea what is bottles into PET bottles. We can easy to find them in convenience stores. Usually, the pet bottle tea is already filtered.  The filtered tea bottles are also tasty. But I like following product's both of taste and idea.

The bottle has capsule inside the cap. Can you see the cap of this bottle? This cap is much longer than usual PET bottle. And inside of the cap has a tea leaves powder as next picture. And, the body has just water. It is usual water until we open the bottle cap.

This picture is about cut plane of cap.
The dark green part is hard cap. And white part is mouth of bottle. Light green part is the powder.

Next picture is about the real documents how to op…

Photo : Android, Dropbox, Google+

Almost all of week end, I ride my MTB in the city. I want to try real mountain, but I have no known person who can go mountain with me. ^^;;

Well, to take photo with cycling is also interesting thing, when i ride. And to make write blog makes me fun. I write it in japanese on other server.

Usually, I use two cameras for taking photo. One is cheep digital camera. Using digital camera can take good quality of photo. And, I can use big size of storage. The cpu on camera is specialized for taking photo.  Another one is my mobile phone.  The quality of processor for taking photo is not so good on mobile phone. However, it is good for taking sun. When we use good quality camera, every light effect is computed by processor. It is good. But, when we use mobile phone then we can take sun with light line or cross. The mobile phone does not compute such light effect, so we can take an amazing interest photo.

Other reason of using mobile phone is data transfer. When we use digital camera, we need…