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   There are many cloud strage services in the world. For example, Dropbox, suger sync, google drive and

   Today, I focus to Because, lately, started to provide a new version of client for Mac OSX. The previous version's client of for OSX had many limitation. The largest problem was that the client can not sync between local strage and The previous version could just mount as ftp servers and add or remove from the system. It was big limitation for using cloud stile of strage.

  However, the strongest part of is strage size. Now, I can use 50GB for free. So, I didn't want to remove this account. On another side, it was difficult to manage data on Mac OSX. Because I needed to access from web browser to then to upload file from the interface on web browser.

  Now, the lastest version of client for starts the sync function on OSX. So, I try to use new version.

  My stile for cloud strage is following. I use cloud strage for my work and private. For the working use, I use dropbox. Because many of my known people are using dropbox. So, dropbox is very easy way to share the documents with other workers, when we collaborate with others. And, dropbox can keep histories for each file for versioning. This meaning is when we get some problems on local, however we can rollback to previous version, when the documents were stable.  For the private use, I use suger sync. Because, there are few users around me. So, I cannot share the documents with other workers. However, suger sync is also good cloud strage as dropbox. So, I use suger sync for my personal uses.

  Now, my suspecting was the cloud strage is safe or not. Because even if the cloud strage makes backup many times, however the no system is perfect. Sometime, the system has bug, or the system has fuman error. Recently, some of cloud strage service was crashed because of human error. Then all of data was unrescuable  states. Luckily, I didn't use the service. But it is not only thing.

  So, I want to backup's back up to other site. Dropbox and suger sync are provides less than 20GB for free. And provides 50GB strage for free. It is possible to make full copy on Because of above reason, I try to use client for Mac OSX.

  Installation is very clear. I was not confused any point. When I put some file on the synchronized directory, the client started to synchronizing automatically. The synchronizing speed is almost same as dropbox ( I didn't evaluate anything. Just my experience)

  Weak points of this client is following.
I cannot move any files or directory inside the synchronized directory. If oyou want to move files or directories what are inside the synchronized directory, you need unsync from web browser at once. Then I can move there files or directories. After moving there, I can set active for the sync function. So, first design of directory structure is little bit difficult. But, after making such structures, It will be OK( I think, now.) From the above reason, after moving files, the client remove all files at once then redownload them again to correct directory. If your computer has HDD then it is ok, however if your computer has only SSD then I was worried about this.... Writing time is so big.

  I try to continue to use this client, then I will re-review of this client after I'll use very well.


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