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How to install stencil to OmniGraffle, when the installing is not work correctly.

Yesterday, I fought with installation of OmniGraffle Stencils.
OmniGraffle is designing tool for diagrams, website elements, and graphics. This tool is strong for them on MacOSX.

Stencils are set of clip arts for omnigraffle. In default, OmniGraffle has enough stencils, but you can DL from following site, too. I wanted to use some specific clip arts, so I try to find them from following site.

When I downloaded UML2 collection from the site, the package was wrapped with ZIP. So, I unziped it. Then the file has no extension. Usually, we just need to double click the downloaded file for installing the stencils. When I double clicked the file, Mac OSX detect the file to open with XML editer. I tried something for installing it. But it was not working include manual installing.

Today, I downloaded other stencil form the site. Then the file has an extension as "gstencil". And, I could install the stencil with do…