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security policy <--> system design <--> contents design

Last week end, I went to Tokyo for recruit activity.

After finishing everything, I met with my friend's couple. We enjoyed the time. And we went to showroom for a thing (I should not say more ^^;;;), because we had small time. Then the organization provides a terminal which introduce about their activities. I found security hall in the system, which comes from weak communication when they design the system. The system is following.

The system has only one input device, which is mouse. The system provides full screen web browser. The web browser is limited version for function.  The system has no keyboard. So, users can use only the limited web browser. And the organization uses twitter. The twitter account publishes about their activity with no link or link to inside of there contents. This meaning is that users can not exit from their contents. (usually....) If the system provides only above, then this system is completely perfect. However, the twitter's account profile links…