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Compering maps

Today, I read a news which was about a service for map.

Recently, we use google, yahoo  or other maps on your computer and your mobile phone. I like there system, because I don't need to being any paper when I go some unknown places (in my country.) And, we can make virtual travel using the map.

The following link is point to a service for a map which you can compare current map in Japan and old days map in Japan at same screen. The current version has limitation for supported area, however you can check for big cities as Tokyo area, Osaka area and some others. (And the service is provided in Japanese. I don't think you don't need to be able to read japanese when you check the map in many situation. )

When you want to find new your house, you can check the old days' structure of ground. There are many earth quake in japan. So, if your new place were in a sea or river, then you will have many risks for living in your new house. In such situation, we can also use this s…


I'm not specialist for security and I don't know very well about google authentication mechanism.

However, recently, many web sites use google authentication mechanism. It is good idea because the site administrator does not need to have clients' passwords. And, I also like using the services onto many web sites. It is for not only security but also easy to make new accounts.

However, some sites are support not only for desktop/ laptop service but also mobile clients. Yes, I also want to use there services from my mobile phone. However, in many cases, I need to input my login name and login password onto the mobile clients. Well..... I thought I don't need to input any password when I want to use there services, because I use google account. And, I don't have any password on the server, because I didn't create any password....

I think the mechanism is worth than not to use google account. Because some people who has no interest in computer use same passwords on…