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traffic in tokyo

it is second raining season after i moved to Tokyo. today, i write about my life in Tokyo. because, I'm waiting for clinic for eyes. many people said that the public transportation in lush hour are hell. but, it is not so much. yes, my weight of body is not light, so I'm easier than women. but i imaged worth than actual.if you have  few experience to public transportation life or smaller than average size of body, then you may fell it as hell. I'm feeling that most trains in Tokyo enter to station is so fast... sometimes, i feel scared because of the speed when i wait a train. so many days, at least one line are stopped the services or delayed. some reasons are due to a person jumped into rail line. i think one of the problems about it is a entry speed into station.... the speed is such fast. well, other reason of public transportation delayed is fighting among passengers. the reason is so hard for waiting to restart of service. i write about transportation, today. so la…

My computer backs! "ubuntu + wireless connector"

This is not an article which I write for public space.....

Recently, my main desktop pc was kept cool. Because after I moved my current flat, my computer need wireless connection environment for the internet but it does not have.

And, I have bought a small wireless connecter as following.

After I got it, I try to boot my computer.... then .... sadly it is die just after boots a bios......
Today, i take it from behind my desk and open the box and trying to start it then I got ubuntu screen!
Finally, i can use my computer,

Above, wireless client connector, I could use on ubuntu linux with nothing to do.

Well.... when i open my computer... the ubuntu version was 12.xLTE........ ~_~;;;
now i am waiting version up

Bushi no kondate (武士の献立)

Today, I watched a movie on hulu. The movie is "Bushi no kondate (武士の献立)"It was around middle of Edo period in japan (around 1700's.) Bushi was a almost same as government employees. Cooks for castle not only shogun but also other Daimyo (load) were also a position of bushi. Main character was a cook of Kaga states because of his family roots. Kaga had a big load at that time. So, it had/has good food culture since such ages. ( I like there area's foods, too. ) But, main character did not like his work because cook is not main stream of samurai works. And his father found good woman who had good skill of cooking for his sun's wife. This movie is about such couple's life. They had many problems at there life, but they could pass there problems because of wife's wit.  It was nice story, and if you dont have any knowledge about such japanese period, but wou will be able to enjoy this movie ( I think)…