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Rail line stations in North Europe and Germany : View From Japanese

We used 5 airports in our last trip. Copenhagen Airport, Helsinki Airport, Stockholm Airport, Frankfurt Airport and Bile Airport (Denmark). I have used CDG and london airport.

This is Copenhagen airport station. I think I took this photo on last day on europe when we headed to Copenhagen airport.

This is one of the express train. Some trains can being us to central station of copenhagen. However, some trains are not done to the station. You need to check it by yourself throug the schedule board as above photo. Actually, we asked to some people too much time, when we went to central station of copenhage.

Following two photos are in Helsinki. I took them on 1st day of europe. We were surprised about airport station's deepness. In tokyo, we have several deep line but most case they are subway. From airport to center of station, most case, the rail line station is not so deep.  (sure, there stations are underground, too)

We needed to take such long  escalators several times. I have on…

Drinking at Room For Tourists : Compare with Helsinki, Stockholm, Compenhagen

In our travel, most of dinner, we ate in our room by several reason.
1. We wanted to try dinners which are eaten by there countries people
2. We walked too much (average more than 20K steppes per day), so we were so tired for going out for dinner.

So, not all, but most dinner, we took in our room. However, this meaning is not as taking room service. We bought from supermarkets, convenience stores. So, today, I try to write which countries are most easy to get dinner in a travel for drinking/ eating at our room.

We think the dinner is Helsinki was easiest way to get. Because we could find supermarket easier than other country.

We came to Finland through Denmark. So, we really wanted to try Denish. Following photo is a our 1st danish. The danish is a pumpkin taste, It was nich. However, it was not similar to common japanese thinking danish. It was much more soft. 

Comment for above photo. We thought that the coup is yogurt. However...... it was cheese...... cup of cheese..... Basically,…

2015 09 : Trip to Europa : Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany : Opening version

Last two week,we were in trip to North Europa and Germany from 21/09/2015 to 03/10/2015.
We had many experience and got many cultural gap between europa and japan.
So, I will write about them from next my post not only in english (here) but also in japanese (on another blog) Our trip overview is following. 21 Sept.           Narita (Japan) ----> Copenhagen (denmark) ------> Helsinki (Finland)   the day was only for moving from japan to north europa.  scandinavia airline. 22 Sept -23      Helsinki 23 Sept - 24     Helsinki  ---> Stockholm (Sweden)    We use Silija ( ) for for moving.    It is night cruise from 17:00 to 9:30. And we met with my friend at the morning. 24 Sept - 26    Stockholm 26 Seot           Stockholm ---> Copenhagen (Denmark)     scandinavia airline 26 Sep - 28     Copenhagen 28 Sept           Copenhagen ---> Hamburg (germany) ---> Frankfurt (germany)    We used railway for moving. (ICE). From Cope…