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Rail line stations in North Europe and Germany : View From Japanese

We used 5 airports in our last trip. Copenhagen Airport, Helsinki Airport, Stockholm Airport, Frankfurt Airport and Bile Airport (Denmark). I have used CDG and london airport.

This is Copenhagen airport station. I think I took this photo on last day on europe when we headed to Copenhagen airport.

This is one of the express train. Some trains can being us to central station of copenhagen. However, some trains are not done to the station. You need to check it by yourself throug the schedule board as above photo. Actually, we asked to some people too much time, when we went to central station of copenhage.

Following two photos are in Helsinki. I took them on 1st day of europe. We were surprised about airport station's deepness. In tokyo, we have several deep line but most case they are subway. From airport to center of station, most case, the rail line station is not so deep.  (sure, there stations are underground, too)

We needed to take such long  escalators several times. I have only seen such long escalator on Otemachi station, tokyo metoro hanzomon line. However, in north europe, most of station (for subway) were such deep lines.

I think this is central station of Copenhagen. Copenhagen was third countries in our trip. So, we could adjust the cultures for rail line in europe.

Following station is taken from inside of train, I don't know what station is that. However, most europe countries' statino is exact same as images what most japanese have for stations in europe getting from japanese animation or comics.

Next photo is one of the most surprised seen for us. This is a train what we took from Copenhagen to Hamburg (ICE). Because this photo is taken in a ship. When we moved from Copenhagen to Frankfurt through Hamburg using trains. We switched state of sleeping and waking up for many times, because we took early morning's train. Suddenly, our train was stopped in building. And most people except tourist as us were getting out to train. And officer came us and say we need to get out from train. We really could not understand what happened with us. Actually, it is in ship. ICE entered to ship. And, we need to get out from train for an hour.

This is Humburg central station on Germany. The station was much wider than noeth europe countries. However, the station was much hard to see the rail line schedule board. Because, most countries in north europe had many central boards for announcing. However, germany station had only one or two central boards. And we need to check the schedule on annouse board on each platform independently.

I think this is Frankfrut central station. In my opinion, architecture of many stations in germany  are as with  arts. North europian countries, there station have also arts much more than japanese stations (this is sure) However, stations in north europe are basically painted on there walls. However, stations in germany are much more 3d arts.
 I think stations in north europe are as modern arts and stations in germany are as traditional arts.


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