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Starbacks among europe and japan

Starbucks are most cities in the world wide. Sure, we use starbucks in some situation not only weekend but also business sean.

One of my friends said that a NY cheesecake by starbucks is a best cake for him.

And, it is easy to find starbucks in a city. Because we know the symbol of the starbucks, even if they are little bit difference on each countries. The coffee is not so special but the quality of coffees are not so difference.

Well, I found a thing about starbucks. ( I think it is common thing for people who are in EU.) The coffee taste are quite difference among the countries. Before to leave from japan, I thought starbucks are serve coffees similar qualities and taste. We tried not only starbucks  but also local cafe in each cities.  There are many good cafes in germany and north europe. Starbucks served  coffees which are much for each nationalities. So, we could try many difference type of starbucks coffees.

And I was surprised about custom menu. Usually, I change milk to soy milk. (in my case, it is not for diete ^^;;) But, all countries in our trip also had soy milk, In my opinion, I thought that the soy milk customize is only for japanese menu as match drink.

And, usually, in japan, few officer ask a name of customer. However, most shop officer asked our name  in europe.


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Many japanese are not consider about insurance for bicycle in japan. Because japan is weak country for insurance.

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Basically, most rail lines on mid-tokyo are as subway or elevated railway. So, it made my so surprising, when I saw it. 
This is tram in tokyo. I did not know that tokyo also has a tram.

Following photo is another tram station.

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