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Tokyo Walking : Photo Vlog

Recently, I walk Tokyo, Japan with my wife. Our walking distance has began more than 10km for each day. Before that, I like to take photo when I walk around my life spaces, when I take bicycle and so  on. I uploaded some video when I went to cycling. 
Well.... I took many photos after my mobile phone was changed. My new phone is snoy Xperia. Xperia have good quality of camera. And Xperia have good video maker which uses photos data. And, it is much easy to make small video than to use Mac Or PC softwares.
So, I start to publish Tokyo walking Vlog, too. 
Following video is around Kanda area, Tokyo, Japan.  I took them using Xperia and making video. I needed only 5-10 minutes. 
Next video is around Ebisu (Yebisu), Tokyo Japan. Usually, we go there for buying wine. Around Ebisu station, we have favorite wine shop. 

Like as above, there is not so special or not so good quality for video, however I think it is enough for vlogs.

Discover of tokyo "Omotesando area": it mixes modern design and old things

i may write some posts about life tracking devices.
well, after i start to use such devices, our walking distance became larger .  it was two km was the largest distance for walking, when we got them. now, especially, after came back from europe, two km for our walking is normal thing. we walked 30km on beginning of this month. And, we walked 23km on last weekend.
"I'll write review about such devices later. "

today, i write about walking on one day of last weekend.

I walked around omitesando, tokyo. it is an area between harajyuku and gaien park. Usually, the area are famous for modern and arts. I do not know well about tokyo. But, i also know littele bit about the area, even if i am such person.

In that walking, I could find more new knowledge about omotesando.

Following photo is a exact same as my image for Omotesando.

Above photo is a french foods restaurant.

And Cafes.
Like as above, Omotesando has many shop which is famous for girls and people who has interest in fashion…